Help me pic my next GH bag >>>

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  1. I've attached 2 pics of my bbags (note: I am trading in my 04 black city for something that is a colour - a grey or blue or eggplant maybe. I reach for my black day more so I can't justify 2 black bbags).

    My choices are these. Please pick!:

    Sandstone GH day (Bmac! borrowed your lovely shot!!)
    Sandstone GH brief

    Antharacite GH day
    Anthractie GH brief (lovemygirls, i've borrowed your pic for this thread! love your pic!!)

    Attached Files:

  2. Since you already have so many DAY..I would pic the brief. I prefer the DAY style better though. The Antharacite GH (Dark color) really stands out against the gold hardware. :smile: Love it!
  3. This pic must be brought into play for this poll! Kittens, hope you don't mind!!


    It's still a tough choice for me between SS and Anthra, but I still vote for the Day!
  4. Glimmer!! holy sh**!!!!!!!
  5. Wow, glimmer...that day bag look gorgeous on you!! Karenab, I think Glimmer just make your choice much easier...hehehe :roflmfao:
  6. Karen......I'd go with Anthracite GH Day. I'm not a fan of the Brief. And I love Anthracite. It'll be your bag when black is too harsh.
  7. Oh girls, that pic is NOT me (I wish!)! That's kittenslingerie... I just wanted to post that pic because I had been telling Karen about it. But isn't it so TDF?
  8. Glimmer thanks to you and kittens pic i WANT anthra now ! go for anthra karenab it is gorgeous ! :drool::heart::drool:
  9. Tough choice! I would choose the brief with GH because its my favorite style with the giant hardware. Love the day bag, but the GH, just looks so much more awesome on the brief.

    You chose my two favorite colors with the GH so its a tough decision. I think I'd choose the sandstone over the anthracite, though.
  10. I go for Anthracite GH Day. It is so beautiful. Also I am not a big fan of the brief. I think It would be nice if you have th rh black day and gh anthra day so you can switch it up depending on your mood.
  11. I love my antra GH, but I think with summer you should get the sandstone brief.
  12. I am after a colour that will be year round.
  13. Kittens,

    OT but
    Omigosh girl, you have a fantastic body! Reminds me that I have to hop on the treadmill *sigh*. I'm so envious! ;)
  14. I maintain that the Brief is still the best style for GH in my opinion... LOVE it in the Anthracite.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Day too, but the Brief is the way to go if you want something that can be dressed up or down easily. The Day is very casual.