Help me: Paddington x Balenciaga

  1. I love both Paddington and Balenciaga (City and First) Bag. However, I haven’t decided which one I will buy. I wanna know which one worth more….I think the Paddington leather seems stronger, but it’s also heavier. Which one is more trendy? (….cause I’m looking for a classic one)….

    Oh my. Girls, help me please!
  2. Well, the Paddington has only been out since last January, so I feel it still has a fair bit of longivity to it :smile:
    The Balenciaga has been around for a while now, but gosh, I still love them so much.

    The paddington, in my opinion is more "now", but I think the Balenciaga is a classic too.
    Try and find a store that you can try both on, and get a feel for them and decide which one is more You.
    Good luck, whichever you choose I am sure you will adore :biggrin:
  3. i think both are 'trendy' now but i also believe the balenciaga is more classic.
  4. i love balenciaga more than paddy. it's a different story with silverado though :P
  5. Paddington. Hands down. It is more unique than your other choice. However, that's my opinion if you can only have 1.

    If you have both than get both! I am interested in getting a Balenciaga First in black as well. But not at the expense of my paddingtons. If you can get both do the paddy first and then the bbag. Or vice versa.
  6. Oh, I wanted add that personally for me a bag needs to make your frame feminine and I feel paddingtons do this smashingly for women. It's relaxed chicness to a "T"! Also, the leather of Chloe is much more quality than balenciaga. If you get a chance go into the store and touch and feel both.

    However, that's my opinion if you can only have one or the other. If you get an opportunity to have both than I would get the paddy first and the Balenciaga.

    Personally I only have an interest in a Balenciaga first/classique. It's so cute and feminine. The other models are a little too boxy and does not flatter my 5'3 frame.

    HTH! :flowers:
  7. I think you should get both. I only recently got into brand name bags and the first bag I got was a Balenciaga city. I thought it was more practical than the Paddington because it's bigger and lighter. I intended to wait for a while before purchasing a Paddington as I'm not comfortable with spending so much $$ on bags in a short period of time. But in less than a month, I broke down and got my Paddy:Push:
    They're both great bags, I really can't say which one I love more.
  8. I have both and I have to say, I would be very hard pressed to pick just one. They are both fabulous, and for different reasons. So it really comes down to what you are looking for. Here is my 2 cents:

    Balenciaga: I have the Ink City and it is super light weight and incredibly easy to carry. I think it is a funkier/fun bag than the Paddy. The leather gets better over time and it can hold a lot. However, teh First is good only for when you need to carry a few things- or for a night on the town. It is definitely much much smaller than both the City or the Paddy.

    The Paddington is just amazing. It is much heavier than the City, but it is still quite easy to carry and fits well over the shoulder. The leather is much thicker and squishier than Balenciaga- and it is super durable. I cannot even tell you how much I love Chloe's leather- it is unbelievable!!! I love the cell phone pocket too. Unlike the City, the Paddy also has two outer pockets (which are very inconspicuous). It holds a TON of stuff!!!! The padlock can be cumbersome but it is fun!!!

    If you want fun colors, (such as pinks, reds, blues, apple green, purple) then Balenciaga is also the way to go. If you want a staple color, such as chocolate, whiskey, or mousse - then Chloe is the way to go! No one does chocolate like Chloe!

    Sorry for being longwinded but I hope it helps!
  9. I love the City and Paddy - they both have their special qualities, like Jag said. Chloe leather is amazing...I have an 04 bbag which is supposed to be the best leather, but I still don't think it compares to the Chloe. I can't stop touching the paddy leather! and the padlock get tons of comments - it's an attention getter that's for sure :smile: First size bbag doesn't work for me - way too small...and I'm only five feet but carry a decent amount of stuff around.
  10. I agree with jag wholeheartedly! It's a really good way to decide :yes: Chloe does look better with the "staple" colors.... Me personally, I love them both, I just sorta decided to cave on the Balenciaga first because it's so lightweight, and much easier to get in and out off (no heavy padlock to flip). I also love how the leather gets better and better with wear. It's also a pretty "safe" option for me because Balenciaga bags tend to hold their values if I ever need to let them go for financial reasons. I haven't caved on a paddy yet, but I have a python silverado coming. What can I say, I love both Balenciaga & Chloe :love:

    BTW it's interesting how there's a lot of people who love both, too, since somebody else asked the same question in the balenciaga forum :graucho:
  11. hatikuh... i'm also a balenciaga & chloe fans... :P
    still deciding to keep my magenta city or the green silverado doctor :hysteric:
    which one? which one? i'm on the verge of going nuts here :P

  12. That is impossible to choose between! You must keep both!:P:love:
  13. jag , i would, but my pocket screaming NOOOO :P
  14. I truly understand!!! But in all honesty, you can't go wrong either way- they are both truly amazing bags!
  15. i agree w all the above points.. but adding a 2c..
    i think the paddy "looks" more classic, and the bbag "looks" trendier...

    but, the It-bag status of the paddy will probably pass (though ppl will still use and carry and love it), though Bbags will be in high demand probably for ages more, i think...

    so.. paddy would be more classic in terms of look and useability, but bbag would be more classic in terms of being "in" with fashion trends..

    if i had to choose ONE.. i would go w the paddy.. cos it's tougher and prettier and easier to match w everyday ladylike looks...
    although the weight is an issue.. but you can always take the lock off.

    and seahorse.. why don't you see which one you actually use more, and in more scenarios? this will be the one you actually miss the most, i think...

    good luck!!