Help me pack!

  1. I hate packing to go anywhere, I am always so afraid of forgetting something that I need that I bring WAY too much.

    So, I am leaving tommorow to attend a conference where I will give a presentation on Saturday.

    I have my suit for Saturday w/top & shoes.

    2 pairs of black pants, a pair of brown pants, jeans, tops for during the day and at night, sweats for in the hotel room.

    Black heels and flats, brown heels and flats.

    Red city bag and caramel day bag.

    Somebody help me cut this down to a more reasonable amount of stuff for 3.5 days!
  2. Why don't you dress around just black or just brown....

    Plus you can use your suit skirt/pants on other days....

    I think what you need are: suit, shoes for the suit, shirt for the suit; sweats for the hotel; jeans; 1 pair of black or brown pants; 2-3 tops for the day; 1-2 evening looks (dress, skirt, or just mix a great top with jeans or the pants); one sweater; one set of heels and flats (either black or brown); one purse (either the red or caramel)
  3. ^^ thanks Sonya!

    Altough I own at least a dozen pairs of black pants, no one looks closely enough to see any difference, so one pair of black slacks, plus my suit pants and jeans will give the same look as a heavy bag full of pants!

  4. Exactly! It's the tops that you have to worry about. People notice those.

    Have fun on your trip!

    You gave me inspiration on what I should wear/bring on my next trip. :biggrin: