Help me pack my BBags...please??

  1. I am going to New York and I want to take BBags. I'll be wearing mosting black, white and grey.

    Should I carry my Marine WE, Vert Gazon Day or Sandstone Parttime?

    For night should I take red, black or white First?

    TIA!! :heart:
  2. I would say Sandstone PT and the red First for at night! Have fun in NY! I want to go back SO bad!
  3. I vote Sandstone PT & Red First as well!! :smile:

    Have fun!

  4. ITA!!! Have fun!:smile:
  5. I definitely vote for the Sandstone PT .. unless you find the Day bag more comfortable to carry on your shoulder. I find Weekenders too inconvenient without the shoulder strap.

    As far as the First - you can't go wrong with black ... but red would be fun.
  6. My vote goes to vert gazon day and black first.

  7. Same!:yes: Have LOADS of fun!!:yahoo:
  8. My vote goes to Sandstone PT ( with your neutrals) and red first
  9. The Weekender might be useful when you go but would be a pain to carry it by hand the whole time.

    So go for Part Time

    Red first for night

    (don't carry the black first, esp. in nyc, you'll run into at least 10 people carrying it).
  10. Good advice on the Red First. OK I'll take that one for sure.

    My WE fits on my shoulder very comfortably with room left over. ...however.......

    The problem is...I want to travel with the WE and then use the VG Day while I'm there but I would look a little nuts carrying both on the plane and there's no way I'm packing either one.

    Most everyone is saying the Sandstone Parttime but I feel like it would be easier to carry the Vert Gazon Day.

    So what do I carry on the plane? Keeping in mind I have to carry all of my girly-stuff, jewelry and travel stuff!!
  11. You're not using your Weekender as your carry on? I'd be too scared to check it in as luggage...oh the horror!

    If you use the Weekender,wouldn't either part time or day fit perfectly inside the bag?

    If YOU think Day would be better for you, then carry that one. There's nothing fabulous about carrying a $1200 bag that's quite cumbersome to lug around NYC.
  12. I agree..if you find it more comfortable to carry that on your shoulder then take that!

    Personally I think you should take something else entirely as your carry on bag. I found a weekender to be a pain in the patootie on the plane ... too nervous about it getting knocked around in the overhead bin or under the seat.
  13. So I should use the WE as my carry on and the Day for my handbag and carry both on the plane?

    Won't I look a little BBag greedy and high-maintenance? :supacool:

    Or do I stuff the Day IN the WE until I get to New York?
  14. I actually bought the WE in Marine so that she wouldn't show as much wear while traveling.

    My other carry-on that I love is a Fendi Logo large tote. She is black and brown and has been dragged all over the world and still looks great.

    Maybe I should take that instead?
  15. Yup. Use Marine WE as your carry-on(I use my WE for carry-on and I love it:heart: ), bring Sandstone PT for during the day and Red First for the night out!

    Have fun!