HELP me pack!!! Cancun, Meico in 3 days!!!

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  1. So, my initial plan was to carry on the flight either my Lg. khaki/gunmetal HS tote OR my black canvas tattoo tote, and flat pack my pink/pink HS convertible hobo. All good right?!

    So, now I've decided that I think I might NEED to take Sabrina too, but I still want my tote and HS hobo. I'm NOT at all worried about the HS hobo because I know she'll pack pretty flat and I'll just fold my swimsuits up and fill her w/ them to keep her shape somewhat. I'm worried though that niether tote would pack well (and I really want to be carrying a tote for the flight) and I DOUBT Sabrina would bounce back that well from being flat packed. I don't want to have to check more then one bag because then they start charging you. I know I can also take a carry-on but I'd hate to actually USE Sabrina as my carry-on. She's the Lg. black on black OpArt.

    Has anyone had any luck w/ packing their bags for travel??? It's a non-stop flight both ways so I don't really have much concern that my checked bag would get "lost in the shuffle."

    Any suggestions, experience would be MUCH appreciated. I think I'll be taking the tattoo tote over the HS because I don't really want to take 2 HS pieces. UGH!!! What do I do???

    I'd also LOVE to take Lindsay but I'm not even going to GO THERE!! LOL

    I also have the light grey leather Julianne, maybe skip Sabrina and pack some stuff in Julianne for my carry-on???

  2. Um, could you pack your underwear and socks into the bag and have it filled at one side of the suitcase so that you are not taking extra things, but she would not be flattened? On the trip home, be sure to have a plastic bag to protect from dirty clothes... and put unworn/new t-shirts into her... or have a plastic bag to hold the clothes you pack in her to return!
  3. Im confused are you counting your purse as your carry on?
  4. NO, I get to carry a personal purse or tote & also have a carry-on!!

  5. I usually take 2 or 3 bags with me on extended espresso Julianne on the flight because the leather holds up well and it zips up securely. Plus I can wear her crossbody to maneuver luggage and keep my hands free. Then I take a light fabric one, like the Parker Hippie Convertible and another small leather bag, like a smaller hobo or my vintage Rambler. I pack clothes inside the bags I don't carry with me and put them in the suitcase so they are virtually taking up no space. I think Julianne should definitely make your list of bags to take unless the gray won't work for you.
    Cancun...I'm SOOOO jealous...have fun in the :sunshine:!
  6. Okay, I have nothing to suggest (don't fly often), but I know the feeling of wanting to take several bags on vacation (last time we went away, I "missed" a few of them)--you never know what you're gonna want to carry! Anyway, just wanted to send best wishes for a wonderful, restful vacation!
  7. I personally would leave Sabrina at home, but I tend to only travel with crossbody bags when I'm traveling to touristy areas and not for work. I just feel that my bag is more secure in unusual surroundings when it is strapped over and lying flat against my body, especially since there is usually a lot of walking/sightseeing. I also don't check anything of real value, so no Coach goes in my checked bag. If you'd be devastated to lose your Sabrina, I wouldn't even think of putting her in checked luggage. Also (my paranoia is really going to show itself now), I would be leery of leaving two expensive handbags unattended in my hotel room while I'm out playing (if you take three, two will always be in the room). Housekeeping could be tempted, and I don't care how exclusive or nice a resort is, their maintenance/housekeeping staff are locals and they know that tourists bring nice things with them on vacation. It sucks to be so distrusting, but it is better to err on the safe side, I think.
  8. 1 - how long are you going on vacation for? Do you really need 3 bags?

    2 - you can always use a bag as your personal item that you take on plane and bring a big bag (probably plastic) to wrap it in when you have to store the bag on the floor during the flight
  9. I think this is very good advice. How much are the bags worth? (Think resale value.) Would you leave that much cash lying around in your room? Most likely there will not be a safe large enough to hold your bags.

    I think you should think about what you are going to be doing on your trip and what kind of bags would be most functional (and then fashionable). Like if you are going to spend most of your time lying on the beach, do you really need Sabrina sitting in the sand?
  10. ^^Just had to chime in again to say that I can totally understand the OP wanting 3 bags (or more :P) with her. As someone who travels a lot, I like having several bag options whenever I'm away from home. Silly, I know, but I wouldn't have it any other way :blush:
  11. Completely understandable, and I don't want OP to thinking I'm chastizing her. I just don't like to draw extra attention to myself (or my room) when I'm traveling so I take two bags, tops. One is my personal item on the plane and the other is packed in my rolling carry-on, if I even take a second bag. When I'm at home, I tend to use a bag for about a week anyway before switching, so, for me, two bags are plenty. I think it all boils down to what will work best with the activities that are planned and the outfits that are being packed. I have seen enough of OP's posts to know she'd DIE if one of her bags was lost in luggage or stolen from her room. Plus, she might want to leave room in her luggage to bring home a new bag - Coach or otherwise!
  12. That would be enough incentive for me to pack lightly, lol!
  13. I just want to suggest that you carry-on your valuables. My sister had her Coach purse stolen out of her luggage recently on a nonstop return flight from Puerto Rico. She was devastated and I'm still trying to find a deal on a replacement for her.

    I'd flat pack them all in a rolling suitcase carry-on and wear the flat messenger for easy access to your wallet, cell, ID and boarding pass
  14. ^^How sad! We never check luggage, we always just carry on after watching one of those Dateline specials where they showed how checked bags get rummaged.

    BTW, LOVE your avi Camommyof3 :tup:
  15. Thanks. I'm really going to miss MJ. :sad:

    The new luggage fees are incentive enough for me to carry it ALL on but my DH always has his hands full with his electronics, cameras, etc and he doesn't like to fool with the extra bags. Me, I am sitting there adding up what the $15 per luggage per flight is going to be.