Help me out (please!): Why I want to study abroad...

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to help out a friend of mine who wants to do a semester abroad at a US university. His english is pretty good but I'm helping out with some of the finer things.

    We're at the point now in his application where he has to (briefly) state why he wants to study abroad, but the both of us are having a hard time coming up with a good answer.

    He's always liked the US culture and has spent about 4 weeks (on two separate trips) there and enjoyed himself very much. He also thinks it would add to his character and help him to become a well-rounded person. Now we're just having trouble putting this into eloquent words.

  2. it would ive me a chance to work in another culture which would be challenging but would...


    i am interested in broadening my studies and my prospects for the future, studying abroad would do both of these things as well as being a character building experience.

    how are they?
  3. ^ very good, thank you! The hardest part is always getting started. Once I've got a starting point, I can go from there
  4. Where is shimma when you need her....
  5. ^^^ I agree - is Merika online right now - she knows about studying in the US from a different country.
  6. lol. shimmer could wright the entire application.

    you know if anyone ever wins an oscar or something shimmer could write the best speeches.
  7. I'm here...I'll think about it for a few minutes and PM you, lami. Thank you for directing me here, riffraff :heart:
  8. Thank you merika :heart:
  9. I would say something about broadening my horizons/developing a better world view/seeing things from a global perspective, as well as creating international ties, etc....

    I did study in NY for 6 years after having lived all my life in Manila but that was mostly post-graduate/medical work so it was more about being current/cutting edge. Although I must say, after that, a piece of me will always be home in NYC :heart: