Help me out, please! Sahara City RH or Sahara Velo RH?!

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Should I keep the Sahara City, or get the Sahara Velo? Can only keep one...

  1. Keep the Sahara City - silly girl! It's perfect.

  2. Get the Sahara Velo - be bold, daring!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I can usually figure things out for myself... hence the reason why I have never done a poll about decisions.

    But here I am... pulling hair out.

    Wondering if I should have/keep a perfect squishy Sahara 2010 City RH or a Sahara Velo RH.

    The Sahara City is perfection. Perfection leather, smells like a delight. Haven't seen the Sahara Velo RH IRL but I think the leather might be just as nice. I can't keep two Sahara's (or can I?!). I can't! I won't!

    Please, any thoughts are appreciated!
  2. I'd go for the city :smile: I think the velo looks great, but strap's too long for me, I'd be too worried for stains!!
  3. ^^ Me too! Perhaps that is my ONLY worry...
  4. Sahara City :smile:
  5. Hahah! Yay. She made an appearance. :biggrin::graucho:

    Ok so that's everyone for the City so far. Including myself, lol.
  6. Really? All these views and only a few poll answers?

    Please. Just do the poll, you don't even have to write a response! :flowers: :flowers:
  7. rere,sweetie i voted for the city:velo is a great style but i personally would buy it in a dark colour ,i would be scared of colour transfer when you wear jeans ;)
  8. Sahara City
  9. my vote is for the city. perfect style and perfect leather.
    if i have to choose a long-strap bag, from the new styles, for sure i'd choose the town (quite similar to both the city and the first), not the velo.
    So if that is the only thing that is worring you, choose the city and no more problems!!
  10. City. Even though I'm still lusting for an anthra velo the city is a classic style with greater longevity. Who knows if the Velo will have staying power. Look at the downfall of the Brief, and although I sit here with two and still love them, I know I will never make my money back (or even close) should we part ways down the road. I rarely sell my bbags but because you often change up your collection should stick with classic styles.
  11. city !
  12. Velo!
  13. RERE, even though I LOVE the Velo (as you know), I think the city might be better in Sahara. If you have issues with jeans transfer then you probably wouldn't want to wear a Sahara Velo cross body, and that is one of the great things about the bag. I would stick with a darker color for a Velo....anthra, black, sang, even outremer. I've been toying with the idea of a Sahara Velo myself but I'm worried about the style in such a light color.
  14. City
  15. i vote for the city