Help me out...Louis Vuitton Cerises with datecode MI0015???

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  1. Help me out here guys. I saw an amazing deal on Louis Vuitton Cerises Sac Plat on eBay. The seller said the datecode was MI0015. I'm pretty sure Cerises line was discontinued even before 2004 :confused1: Are they still in production...did I misunderstand??? :hrmm:
  2. That date code seems right for the Cerises. The Cherry Blossom was discontinued before 2004 though.
  3. :yes:
  4. yep.
  5. Thanks guys. :graucho:

  6. Did you get this one? I was considering bidding (the only non-Buy It Now Sac Plat Cerises on eBay) but didn't. Price really was a steal...
  7. ah, good info guys and gals!
  8. The price really was a steal. I'll be faster the next time.
  9. How much was it going for if you don't mind me asking?