Help me out .....I need something ....Discontinued, Limited, Rare LV pieces.....

  1. Good Afternoon!!

    I am looking for a gift for my S.O.....something about the 1k range take or give....I want something limited or rare.......or even disc....I can't think of anything...So I am asking you girls for some help........right now the tobago bag in blue....but I want more options......(remember the better the gift the better the ;) ) hahahah j.k

    or you have something your considering of letting go..please feel free to PM ME!!
  2. How about something from the cerises line?
  3. um i dont know if my boyfriend will carry anything with little cherrys on it.......i dont know if i would want him too hahhahahahha
  4. Well, there are a few Epi pieces and some Vernis colors that have been discontinued, but if you have to get him something from LV why not choose something from the Taiga or Geant lines?
  5. OMG!! I thought maybe you were buying for a female partner. I feel like a moron:shame: Please forgive me:cry:
  6. hahhahahah no dont feel that way...i thought it was really gave me the mental image of him carrying a cerise keepall........I didn't know wether i felt turn on (the bagg) or really turned off (him holding it).....hahahahhahahah
  7. haha i had thought that your boyfriend/husband got on your account and was asking secretly what to get you!
  8. nono haahaahhahah i wish ........that would be serious panty melter hahahaahahhaaa
  9. ha! i also thought you were asking for a female partner. i thought it was cool and brave of you. :smile:
  10. oh noooo nooo.....hehe
  11. Ooops, please PM her or list it in our Marketplace.
  12. Sorry, I figured it was at wrong section.