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  1. I would really like to buy myself a brand spanking new bag (all the ones I have now were bought used-which is fine-but, i want something truly new)-and I am pining away for an all leather Coach bag.

    I have been staring at the Coach website-can people help me out here?

    I usually carry a bit of stuff with me-a wallet, cell phone, makeup bag (LeSportsac), keys (car & house), pen, mints, miscallenous other ****....

    So-what would be a good size for me? here are the bags I am interested in:




    OK-let me know which ones you like-if any-and, how do we feel about pebbled leather?
  2. Im not getting a link:blink:
  3. If you carry as much as you say, in my experience only the 3rd bag will really hold all that stuff w/o screwing up the lines of the bag. The 2nd and 4th bag, especially, will not hold all that much, and the 1st bag tends to show bulges on anything too bulky.

  4. get the 3rd one. the rest are tiny! i had the last one and always wished i'd bought the 3rd one instead
  5. The 3rd bag definatley holds the most. It's also a classic and versatile style.
  6. I have the second bag (the brown leather small flap) in mini-signature with dark brown suede. It definitely would be too small for what you need. All I can fit in mine is my wallet (a Coach poppy signature wristlet), a cell phone, lipgloss, and keys. It's perfect for when that's all I need to carry, like a quick run to the store or for going out in the evening. I still find I use it a lot but just not as an everyday bag.

    I'll take some pics to show you what it looks like with stuff in it in a minute.

    I checked out the small white hobo in the Coach store and tried putting all of my stuff in it, but it was about the same size as the small flap bag and so it didn't really hold much more. However, because it's less structured and has a zipper closure instead of the flap, it seemed like it would be a bit easier to cram extra stuff into than the flap bag.
  7. Yeah-i thought everyone was going to say the 3rd one-of course that is the most expensive LOL! I really like that color too-also-I see that on the Coach site-the pebbled leather bags are more expensive-do they feel better or something?
  8. Okay, here are the pics I promised a few minutes ago.

    This is the small flap that I have and what it looks like with all the stuff I usually carry in it.

    Bag with watermark 1 smaller.jpg

    Bag with watermark 2 smaller.jpg

    (Sorry the watermark's are a little...ummm...busy. I'm just figuring out the whole picture attaching and watermarking thing).
  9. thanks! yeah-I see what you mean-really nice bag-but, I think I need bigger.
  10. 3...and i don't like pebbled leather.
  11. Hmmm, I like that one but I'd like it better if the strap were adjustable so that you could shorten it the way you can with the soft duffles. If you know those bags, the strap can be folded in half and threaded through the buckles so that you can carry it like a short shoulder bag, or extended so that you can carry it across the body. I have an older Soho duffle like this

    Soho duffle with watermark.jpg

    and I like that I can carry it either way. I use it all the time and it's probably my favourite bag because of its versatility. Plus, it can hold a lot of stuff (wristlet, small makeup bag, small umbrella, phone, keys, sunglasses, small water bottle, other odds and ends).

    I like the brown hobo in your first set of pictures, except for the fact that the strap isn't extendable. Have you checked out the current soft duffles on the Coach site? They have some in leather. I don't like them as much as mine, though, because they don't have an outer slip pocket on the back, which I find really handy for putting my keys and sunglasses in so I can get at them quickly.
  12. All the bags I posted were taken directly off

    UGH! I can't believe I forgot to post the soft duffle bags-I like those too! Shoot-here:


    Hmm-I think I like the style of these the best-they also have it in pebbled leather. Should I get the small or the large one? the large one seems too large almost. My only problem with these bags is that they only have them in black and white-I have tons of black bags and don't like white bags-i wish they had it in that mahogany color
  13. Ah, the Janice's Legacy bag -- I have that one and it's great for hauling around a lot of stuff w/o looking like you are. The strap is real buckles on both ends that do adjust to different lengths, and the leather is oh so yummy. MMMMM.
  14. I loveeee the soft duffle bag! those have a fair amount of room, but, it can look a little chunky unless you get the bigger model of it...otherwise I would go w/ #3 from your original choices :smile:
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