Help me out here: is it just Kylie's dress or....

  1. does it look like she has a bump? :shrugs:

  2. It looks like a bump, but the dress could just be very unflattering as this happened to Eva Longoria a few weeks ago. hard to tell...
  3. She looks like Joan Rivers here...
  4. oooh, looks suspicious lol, but she didnt look it actually on screen. I thought the dress was pretty awful anyhow! Maybe she is still swollen from the drugs she has had to take?
  5. Probably just an unflattering angle. IHeartCoach- she does look a little like Joan Rivers in that pic! LOL!
  6. I think it's the dress it clings all the way down not hugely flattering
  7. i think its the dress and angle....:p
  8. I didnt notice that when I saw her perform on tv. But the dress was a bit weird, you could see where the lining sort of ended above her knee and what wasnt lined.
  9. Thanks girls! I did not see the Brit Awards and wasn't able to view her from other angles.

    But she does look a bit like Joan Rivers here :lol:
  10. I had to look twice I thought it was someone in drag - not very flattering.
  11. Not liking this look at all.
  12. Looks like a bump or it could just be how tight the dress is... :shrugs:
  13. Is it me, or is she starting to camp it up too much?
    really starting to look like a Las Vegas version of herself O.o
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. maybe she's just bloated. :p