Help me out girls!!!!

  1. Any website recommendations for summer clothes!!!??? I missed the end of the summer sales and I NEED clothes BAD!!! Dresses, shorts, anything summer. Any ideas?
  2. no one??? All these fashion divas and not one of you have any ideas for me??? lol
  3. great website!!! Thank you!
  4. could you elaborate on your style?
  5. ^^^ Thank you!! The last one is too cute. I just ordered 8(!!!!) dresses..All BCBG and Max many cute ones!!! I also bought a camoflauge Denim mini..(so random for me) and the cutest shortsleeve sweatshirt dress from the gap...its the cutest thing ever. I NEVER buy stuff from the was cool to get a bargain. I never seem to get the bargains! Its been a fun online shopping day
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