Help me out - 100 dollars worth of makeup goodies!

  1. Well, I'm planning an elaborate anniversary surprise for my girl. So far, I got her a coach bag which she couldn't find anywhere because it was out of season, chance by chanel parfum, delices de cartier parfum, and have a stretch limo taking us to tavern on the green. :biggrin: It's her favorite place but she swares she will never be able to afford it! And she's never driven in a limo before so I think it will be a pleasant surprise!! Ok enough of me getting excited for the big day, now I need your help.

    Inside the handbag I'm going to put a lot of goodies like lip gloss and such. She is very picky about her makeup and has plenty so I don't want to get her much of that. But reccomend me about 100 dollars worth a goodies for the bag. Thanks! I'm sure this will be fun. :yes:
  2. Hmm. If she likes lipgloss, perhaps by Terry, it is yummy flavoured and the colours are great too (yes, I do taste my lipgloss). Otherwise, there is stila, which has pretty colours.
    I'd get an all-over shimmer powder so that it can complement the make-up she already has, if she has loads like you say.
    Or if you're going for a more bling-y thing, perhaps get her the limited edition Dior palette that's out for this summer.
  3. the DIOR palette is fab!! :yes:
  4. where can I see this limited edition-is it online anywhere?
  5. Ah, thanks for the comments. Any specific brands on the shimmer? Yes, I'm a guy, and I'm trying to familiarize myself with women's beauty brands but there's so many! :shame:
  6. Head over to Sephora. They carry several different lines, and if you tell them what she likes, they will steer you in the right direction. The do carry some Dior, and they have some cute color palettes.
  7. the dior pallette is FAB! stila and cargo also have a cute ones out for summer if she's not that blingy.

    as far as lip gloss, spark by chanel looks great on most people.

    i 2nd the sephora suggestion.
  8. Ah, well I guess sephora it is! :smile: I won't have time to go until Saturday, so if you want to suggest some more things I'll be happy to take suggestions hehe.

    Do they let you try things out there? I'm going to go with my girlfriends friend so maybe she can test some things out with me? Or can you only do that on some items.
  9. If I were you, I'd say away from getting foundation/loose powder (shimmer powder is OK though) or anything that needs to go with her skintone. If you're picking lipstick, try and see what kind of colours she likes and go safe by choosing something nice.

    Givenchy has gorgeous lipglosses containing lipbalm that are really good (but a little sticky for me).
  10. Hi willyg! :biggrin:

    Can you let us know what her colouring is like; hair colour, eye colour and skin tone? Is her skin dark, medium, or light and is it pinkish, olive (more yellowish), or somewhere in between (neutral)?

    Also, what colours does she generally like to wear, in terms of her own make-up, jewellery, accessories and clothes?

    If she has a neutral, or pinkish, skintone; a really good lip-gloss, that suits most people, is Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon. Some women don't like sparkles/shimmer in their lip-gloss and it doesn't have any. It is a natural, translucent, beigey pink and smells and tastes of melons! :heart:
  11. Forgot to add that YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) do beautiful quality eyeshadows. You can pick and mix by buying two or three single colour compacts, in complimentary colours; or play it safe, by buying one compact containing two, or more, colours.

    Neutral browns and beiges are generally the safest colours on all skintones (greyer ones suit cooler/pinker skintones and gold toned ones suit neutral and warm/olive skintones). Add silver (for cool/pinkish skin-tones), or gold (for olive skintones) to highlight; or alternatively, buy both gold and silver, to allow her a choice. :biggrin:

    I like to blend gold and silver together! :heart:

    Alternatively, if she's a bit more adventurous, darkish green (forest for all skintones, or teal [slightly blueish green] for neutral, or cool/pinkish skintones) is a flattering eye shadow colour on most people. :yes: Again, buy with gold and/or silver, to highlight.

    Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  12. wow!! you guys really know what ur talking about. I thought i knew make-up!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the comments!!! I've been on vacation for a few days at the beach. :biggrin: Anyway chloehandbags: These are some of her stats:

    Dark brown hair (black whatever) She wears it curly.

    Brown/hazel eyes. Mostly brown slighty lighter than normal brown.

    White skin tone. Not the pale white, but maybe a step up from it. Definetly not tan though!

    I've seen her wear light blue eye shadow, light pink, and this fade with black and white. She also uses mascara.

    Hmm she loves lip gloss. She had some cheap lip gloss that was very sticky today and I said, you like it sticky? She said she'd rather have it sticky than watery. Sooo, I'm guessing she'd like to have a perfect inbetween but I guess we can't all win can we hehe.

    She wears gold jewerly, she always wears gold hoops and the occasional white/black/silver jewerly with some of her outfits. She mostly shops at torrid, that's more of her style of clothing.

    Again, thanks for the help! I'm starting to learn a lot about womens fashion and beauty from this forum :yes: More guys should pick up on this, it's a great resource!
  14. willyg, this is so sweet! I like the limited edition Dior Gourmetteit's a hot bracelet AND gloss,
    and I'm not sure how big the Coach bag is but I love the fun new Devil Wears Sephora Train Case...those are both safe picks I think if you're not sure about what her colors and such are
    have fun!!!
  15. For lipgloss I love Smashbox because they aren't at all sticky and definitely not watery. Also Tina and Tony make a great 'herbal' lipgloss- but I don't know if she'd like the smell. Chanel also makes great lipgloss, but I think they are a little stickier than Smashbox, although the one I have has a great color and glittery undertone. Smashbox also sometimes has little sets or kits that have several products together for lower than retail.

    I'd get her Dior Show Mascara - its the best. You just have to know if she wears jet black or brown mascara. Its seriously amazing.

    I also like Urban Decay's line of scented body glitter - they have fun things like Marshmellow, Carmel, and Mai Tai. They smell good and last forever, I love wearing mine when I go out.

    For blush you can get her Orgasm by Nars - haha. Its seriously an amazing color that looks good on many people. There is a set with the blush and a bronzer - I wasn't crazy about the bronzer, but my skin tone is olive.

    Make sure that you ask the people at the counter/store for samples and tell them what its for - they'll stock you up I'm sure.

    You can also get her an eye shadow pallette (this means a little group of differently colored eyeshadows in one package). Urban Decay has some cute ones, one with a glittery skull, she may like that if she shops at Torrid (I think I've seen those stores, not sure) or some other brands do as well. If she's not into the skulls there are alot of nice other ones out there.

    Oh and if she likes liquid eyeliner Urban Decay makes a great one.

    Hmmm, that's it for me.

    You are a sweetheart! She is going to love everything you're doing!