Help me organize and prune my Valentino collection!

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  1. I have a lot of Valentinos - mostly Rockstuds - and I need help deciding which to keep and which to give away/sell/barter.

    I have 6 Valentinos here. I would like to know the correct name for any of these also, and point me to who can authenticate that would be great also! TIA
    1. Rockstud frame pony
    2. Rockstud front full studs (the pink one)
    3. Rockstud mini tote two tone (blue and black)
    4. Rockstud mini crossbody
    5. Rockstud camo clutch
    6. Valentino braided tote.

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  2. the clutch

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  3. Valentino braided tote

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  4. sorry I can't help with authentication but I had to comment.

    They are ALL beautiful. If you were thinking of getting rid of a few, I'd get rid of the white tote (too easy to get dirty) and the camo clutch (a bit too trendy/may date very quickly?)

    OBSESSED with the pink, the black/white animal print, and of course the black crossbody is amazing. Those are the most versatile too, I think. I do like the blue/black two tone, but if I was going to ditch another one, that's the one I'd pick.
  5. I love your handbags, did you get a good deal? I can't really afford one, but I love looking.
  6. LOL- so first of all I am a member of the 50+ club, and now an empty nester. There would be **no way** I would have bought all these bags at any other time in my life. I have an SA from Nordstrom who calls me whenever she has a nice Valentino thats going to the rack, so yeah, all good deals, *relatively*.

    I agree that the camo is a little trendy. That one can go.

    The white tote is kind of blah, but not worth as much either.

    The one I was really questioning is that Pony. I don't know- it is so loud. Those pony satchels from every designer are so expensive.
  7. It is a little busy, but you may like to carry every now and then. I agree with you about the camo.
  8. Love them . I would get rid of the white and the black/white bags. Keep Camo its timeless
  9. I think I would give up the pony - the rockstuds paired with the animal print can be a bit much and I can't really think of an event where they would really fit the occasion to a T. I love the black cross body and the blue/black tote.
  10. If you don't fully love the pony you can let it go and get something you feel happier with, animal print can be a little much for many people!
  11. I would get rid of the pony hair bag and the white bag. The other bags are functional and nice-looking. I would even keep the camo clutch. It's a fun statement piece for going out on the town. It's not really made for day-to-day use IMO but more for a night out when you want to add a bit of fun to your look.