Help me order my first IVORY 2.55 from CHANEL Paris to Sydney Australia :)

  1. Firstly thankyou to ktown who already recommended an SA. I am having trouble calling the St. Honore Chanel boutique in Paris. Can someone let me know if this is indeed the code to dial? I was just getting a busy tone, although it should be about 12.30 in the afternoon there.

    0011 33 1 53059895

    I was after the following information/availabilities, if you already know the answer to them that would be fantastic!!! :nuts:

    Chanel Reissue 226 or 227 in Dark White or Burgundy
    - price
    - cost of shipping

    Chanel Classic Flap - Caviar in Ivory (silver hardware)
    - price of jumbo
    - price of large
    - cost of shipping


    If you've done something similar, would you care to divulge:
    - the % deducted for VAT
    - how much the shipping was
    - how much customs did you pay

  2. I'm sorry I can't help you. However, is it possible to buy a Chanel handbag (in a Chanel boutique) via the phone?
    For instance, can I order a handbag from the Chanel boutique in Madrid (or Paris)?
    TIA :smile:
  3. I was able to purchase my darkwhite 226 from Chanel in Vancouver Canada. I live in the United States. I do not know if it is possible for me to order from say Chanel in Paris.

    The Darkwhite 226 retails for $1995 in the USA (if it was available, which it is not)
    The Darkwhite 227 retails for $2090 in the USA (may be available but you'll have to call around to find one)
  4. I think it depends on the country. I live in the US and I wasn't allowed to place a phone order from a chanel boutique in Hong Kong.
  5. you can definitely do it from paris to sydney, not sure why they wouldn't do it to america.

    thanks so much girls ill keep trying!
  6. I just phoned the international operator and your dialing information. You are dialing correctly 00.11. 33.1.`St Honore will of course ship to you. I am looking in the back of a Chanel catalog and they list for shops in Sydney and Melbourne have you tried that? Try them again and let me know if you cannot reach them and I will contact my SA and prehaps she can phone or fax you. I am in the E.U. so we don't pay duty when shipping to another E.U.
  7. If it is available at Neiman Marcus (we just had a new store open with a pretty big Chanel section), I don't have a problem buying it and sending it to you granted you cover the cost. I do this for a friend of mine in Japan quite often.