Help me on Rive Gauche!

  1. Hi. I currently have a square muse and I'm thinking about getting a Rive Gauche bag.
    What would you guys think seeing a guy carrying a YSL Rive Gauche?

    If okay... any suggestions on Rive Gauche model? :okay:
  2. I've never seen one IRL, so I can't comment with certainty, but if you do well with the Muse, why not the Rive Gauche? It's tops on my want list right now, I don't see why it wouldn't be great on a guy too, probably the large.
  3. Because of its somewhat masculine silhouette, you can definitely carry it as a man-bag, as long is it is the larger size! :tup:

    As far as which Rive Gauche to get, I love the half ostrich, half leather version in grey.... it's to say the least, TDF! It retails for $2,995, so it's a bit of a splurge. The all leather grey version is just as beautiful at a more reasonable price.
  4. yeah i think that the Rive Gauche bag is very unisex, especially when you sling like a messenger bag. I am guy too and I carry the YSL oversize Muse in dark brown to school everyday!