Help me on my first chanel classic flap !!! BABY BLUE or BABY PINK color ?

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What color matches well with gold hardware and my tanned skin

  1. Baby blue

  2. baby pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi guys,
    I have been using LV for many years and planning to buy a Chanel bag since I dont have any. Im in love with medium size chanel lambskin in gold hardware. But the problem is that, I have many bags in dark and deep color so I wanna shift taste to buy a Chanel bag either in Baby Blue or Baby Pink color. My skin is tanned so I gotta choose the bag which matches my skin tone as well. What do u think? Gold hard ware matches well with which color? I trust u guys, pls help me out. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day. !!!!!!
  2. i like both :P
  3. they're both cute! there's a lot of baby pinks but not many baby blues and blue is in this year :smile: gl deciding!
  4. I LOVE pink!!!
  5. Baby blue would be stunning!! :heart:
  6. my vote goes for baby blue!
  7. baby blue!!!! soo adorable!!
  8. My vote goes to pink!! ;)