Help me on choosing the hardware!

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Which one would you recommend to me?

  1. Black caviar jumbo with silver harware

  2. Black caviar jumbo with gold hardware

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  1. Hi, girls. I am currently on the waiting list for a Black Caviar Jumbo classic flap w/ Silver h/w but not sure when I can get it.(It's been a month already, sigh) However, the one w/ Gold h/w is available now. I mix and match all sorts of jewerly so matching w/ accessaries is not a concern. My wardrobes are more likely casual/chic than femine/dressy but I am looking for a bag which I can carry in all occassions regardless of seasons/dress code. Please help me to choose the RIGHT hardware. I believe in your exceptional fashion sense! Thanks all. :biggrin:

    Plus, I'd like to know if gold changes its color over time and whether it is repairable at the boutique.
  2. Seems like your first choice is silver h/w . . . I'd wait!!
  3. If you wear both silver and gold jewelry (and love both equally) than I say go for GHW as it is classic. Silver is usually considered more youthful, casual, etc. While gold is classic and formal. Personally, I favor gold hardware eventhough I am 20 and not very formal in dress. I have never seen Chanel hardware tarnish and think it rarely happens and would be considered a defect vs. normal wear.
  4. ghw
  5. Go for silver! Speaking as someone who owns GHW but not silver.. I just think black with silver is easier to match year-round, and with light colours, than gold.
  6. ghw!!
  7. shw
  8. ghw
  9. #9 Feb 8, 2010
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    See #767:

    Silver looks best with caviar IMO.

    Like Swanky said (and my gut is telling me), it sounds like your first choice is silver hardware. You should wait for what you really love rather than settle for what happens to be available!!

    My outfits tend to be on the dressier side but I reach for my silver hardware Chanel bags more often because they look more modern and youthful.

    Gold plating does fade/tarnish over the decades to look more like silver; I've seen it on vintage bags. However the hardware can easily be replaced and repaired by Chanel.
  10. I really think it is a personal opinion. For me, silver allll the way! (But I prefer silver jewelry too!)
  11. I mainly wear white gold jewelry so I opted for a black caviar jumbo with silver toned hardware. The majority of my LV hand bags have gold toned hardware so I find it quite refreshing that Chanel offers so many bags with silver toned hardware.
  12. i luv both! but i choose my hw based on material, size & color, regardless of what jewelry i wear (always white metals, btw)...

    if black, jumbo in caviar, i'd go silver.... the flap design is already quite dressy for me, so silver downplays the effect to a more casual relaxed feel. further, jumbo, the size itself, is not your formal go-to bag... course, all in all, depends on your "requirements" too.
  13. Ghw
  14. #14 Feb 8, 2010
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    OMG, thank you all for fast replies. I wish one was superior to the another, but both of them are just equally beautiful and I can't have both of them. :sad::crybaby: I agree w/ Nighteyes saying that, on Lambskin, gold looks better. When I walked into the boutique, that m/l lambskin w/ gold h/w really caught my eyes. It was so gorgeous but I wanna go for a caviar this time and save a lamb for future. So back to the question-silver or gold? Headache.............
  15. Definitely silver for me! Trendy in your 20s, chic in your 30s, and just plain cool onwards. :biggrin: