Help Me ! Now I have only 20 min !

  1. I went to hermes & I was looking for a birkin bag 35 cm blue jean ...

    They offered me a 30 cm blue jean !

    I'm used to big bags althought I'm not tall .

    The SA says that 30 is the best size for me ,

    The price of the bag is 5,100 euro .

    shall I buy it ?
  2. Did you try it on and like it?
  3. YES
    Everyone tell me it's tooo hard to get !
    But is the price good !
  4. Well, if you like it, go for it. IMO, a Birkin isn't that hard to get. Getting one to your exact specifications can be tough, but it can happen, you just have to be patient.
  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! Get it if you like it!! Lucky you!
  6. only if you love it. if you really want a 35, wait.
  7. Mira, you may have already made your decision...but, you are the only one to decide if this size is best for you. Others can tell you that it looks great on you, but if you hold it and it feels so very right.....then, yes!

    If not.....then pass on it.

    Let us know what you decide?? How exciting!
  8. Mira, what leather is it and what did you decide?
  9. Any decision yet, Mira?
  10. I used to take only 35's...well, apart from a JPG...then this summer I bought a 30. I love the size. What did you decide?
  11. I used to only like 35s and i bought my 30 brighton blue and every time I use it...I fall super in love with it.
  12. look at it carefully, a 30 is much smaller than the 35 but also lighter. for some girls it does work but you must decide for yourself, it is a big investment. BJ is a pretty color!
  13. Get it only if you love it. If a 35cm is what you really want then wait for it instead.
    It will come, you just have to be patient.

    Is the leather what you want as well?

    I agree, 30cm and 35cm is a very different look.
  14. Mira, You have to really be in love with the bag. You don't want to purchase just for the sake of it. Wait for your dream bag. :smile:
  15. ^^ Great advice. Buy it if it's your dream bag ... if not, hold out for the "real thing."