Help Me NOT Get Bored with the BV Shapes!!! PUH_LEEEEEZE!

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  1. I think I am having a crisis....I adore Bottega and Chanel bags more than anything. I love the timelessness of BV as well as the quality of their leather. I actually could live in a BV bag.

    My dilemma is that there are very few pieces that ever feel new and different to me these days. I feel like I buy the same thing over and over with only minor tweaks to the design and every BV display case in every department store looks the same. Maybe what I like about them is also what is driving me to boredom....

    Help me get back on track..please! I am headed to NYC and would die if I come back empty handed.:noggin:
  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling less than excited with any particular designer/style -- no matter how much we love them. We all have collections made up with a multitude of designers. Variety is the spice of life, right? ;)

    Go have FUN in NYC and I'm sure something will catch your eye (and open your wallet!). Don't beat yourself up if it isn't BV for now. In due time, another gorgeous BV will have you thinking "how did I ever think this was boring?!" :smile:
  3. In essence I don't think that BV is the only company that can be accused of not changing their shapes very often, Think of Balenciaga the first, part time, work and city bags are all the same shape, just size variations. Chanel undoubtedly do the same flaps every year just with different materials and chains and colours. I think the only companies that produce a different line of collections each year are like Chloe, Prada, Fendi and Dior but then I think a company that radically changes the shape of its bags every season also means that the bag itself looks dated very quickly. That is why I adore BV, Chanel and Balenciaga whose main changes every year are COLOUR (with the odd tweak to the design maybe) but in essence if I pull out their bags from a few years ago they don't look dated to me.

    Enough said, I'm loving the BV new ball bag and the new sloane and I think that the pyramid bag is also a new shape.
  4. Interesting topic. All designers probably have the dilemma of doing new things and traditionalists want the familiar; they stick mostly with traditional and they risk being "stuck".

    Awhile ago there was an article about the clothing line, St. John. They did a collection very different from what they traditionally make and boy did they hear from their customers! Not happy! They must have a customer base who want the same type of outfits year after year.

    With me, it's not so much the styles as the price increases that are going to keep me from buying new styles. They are, like the others, doing a lot of exotics now, and I'm just a plain (if BV woven leather can be called plain) leather person.
  5. boxermom, that BV in your avatar is so pretty -- which one is it?
  6. I agree with everything you all wrote....and maybe Boxermom, you hit on it. With prices around $3k plus for a bag, I want to be excited and perhaps am more aware of wanting that excitement to manifest itself into something that is new and different

    Another thought I had about adding to my collection of BV is that a lot of the appeal to me is the feel of the bag. Owning more than a few, I am thinking perhaps I am spoiled.....

    And to MyIndulgence's......first stop in NYC is BV. Stay tuned..
  7. Thank you, valkyrie. It's called a shoulder flap bag or something like that. Bluefly often has them. There are 2 sizes and mine is the larger. The nappa is like silk!
  8. I think the different leathers can actually give the same shape bag a different look. I have three medium veneta hobos - one woven (terra cotta), one nappa (black) with a diamond quilted look and one in deerskin with snake trim (ebano, with a rasperry trim). Ok, maybe I just like the veneta hobo shape and I'm trying to justify...:rolleyes:
  9. Are they doing much with ostrich? I have to admit that I am a sucker for ostrich.