Help idea how to apply or make makeup look good...thanks!

  1. So I will attach a picture and I welcome ANY suggestions!

    Right now, my make up ritual goes like this...St. Ives moisterizer, then eye shadow (THIS IS WHAT I NEED HELP WITH THE MOST...what color, how to apply, shimmer, no shimmer...) then loose powder then mascara.

    I hate foundation because my skin is dry (in spots) and it flakes SO BAD, and I hate that it can rub off and I hardy ever wear blush because my cheeks get bright red when I am hot, stressed...whatever. BUT, I also have an uneven skin tone, so that sucks.

    Any suggestions, particularly eye shadow, that would be SO great! Thanks!
  2. -Exfoliate before you moisturize, to prevent some of the flaking.
    -Shimmer powder can be put on your brow bone and the inner cornerof your eye to make them look bigger. You can also use an eyelash curler to make your eyes pop.

    As for eyeshadow, what color are your eyes? They're brown, right?
  3. Yes, I have brown eyes. (Thanks for the tips!!)
  4. Best colors for brown eyes are purples, plums, browns, greens.
    -you can line your eyes with black/brown eyeliner or black/brown eyeshadow (using angled brush)
    - If you are going for full out eyeshadow(lid, crease and highlighter), use the lightest color on the entire eyelid all of the way to the edge of the eyebrow. Use a deeper color from the same color family to the crease and dust a highlighter just beneath the brow.
    -alternative to blush-put a little shimmer or bronzer on your cheeks for a nice glow

    diagram for reference:
  5. what about going to a dept store makeup counter and looking at a girl whose makeup you like and then ask for help (buy a product or two from them, I think dept store eyeshadows and concealers/foundations are TOTALLY worth the money)

    dry skin can be taken care of with a good exfoliator and then a good moisturizer. let the moisturizer soak in for a few, and then if you hate foundation, just dot a little concealer on any dark or uneven spots, it can make a big difference. I put some concealer around my eyes and on the sides of my nose and that alone makes me look so much better
  6. Thank you all so much! I hate being in my late 20's with this issue...but I can't do it all on my own I guess...
  7. don't worry, I'm 27 and am still no expert. I just like basic makeup, nothing too crazy. practice makes perfect. I would stay away from super super shimmery makeup, you risk looking like a teenager. A good vanilla colored shadow, some concealer and some good black mascara and a little lip gloss can work wonders. maybe some translucent powder too.
  8. you have great cheekbones too, get a pretty pinky peach blush (that color looks great on everyone), and just brush it lightly over your cheeks.
  9. Something I recommend is something really moisturizing. You definitely should be exfoliating as the other girls have said. I recommend a tinted moisturizer as well to use as a substitute for foundation. I recommend BB tinted moisturizing balm, but I've heard good things about Laura Mercier as well.

    Another thing is if you are planning to use an eyeshadow, you need to have some type of base underneath of it. I use Smashbox, but I've also heard that MAC makes a paint called Bare Canvas which a little goes a long way (I really want to try that myself). The base allows the eyeshadow to stay longer and not crease.

    A little shimmer under the brow bone is great (I love shimmer everwhere, but it's a personal preference). The blackest mascara you can find and a gel liner like BB or MAC will really help. I really recommend running into a dept store and trying a few things out. You really only need a few things to make a difference.
  10. I think I'll have to go to my local dept. store...I have to be honest, there isn't a lot of ladies there my age at all, but I will give it a shot! Thank you all again...Happy Easter!!
  11. You could go there at least for the basics. There are a lot of sites on makeup and you could get quite a few ideas just by looking. Plus there are tons of tutorials. If you were to go to You Tube you'd get a ton right there. You just need to sit down and practice. Trial and error baby.
  12. salon/spas offer makeup lessons that are usually around an hour for a small could try that. they help find the make up that suits YOU along with colours and what not.

    good luck
  13. Stila makes an illuminating tinted moisturizer as well I believe.

    I have the MAC Bare Canvas and it's great and really brings out the eye shadow you are going to use, but I found something better that I love. Urban Decay makes an eye shadow primer (I forget the name right now, but it comes in a purple tube). This stuff is awesome. I put it on my eye lid and wait a min or 2 for it to set and then apply the eye shadow. It makes it last almost all day without creasing or melting off.
  14. Hey! Thanks for all of the great tips! I tried a couple this morning and looked a bit better...way less like a 14-yr-old and way more my age! I can't wait to go on a makeover trip to my dept. store! Thanks everyone! Have a great week!