help me New York gals!!

  1. What is a girl to wear to a Friday night Broadway show? (Feb 8, 8:00pm, The Color Purple)

    I fly in that day, I'll go straight to my hotel to get ready, then go right to the show, food and drinks after.

    HELP, I have no clue??????
  2. Wear what you want to the drinks and dinner afterwards. Anything goes at a Broadway show.
  3. I have found that any thing goes at a Broadway show too.
  4. Ehh, anything goes for a matinee, but for a night time show I would never wear jeans or any other kind of casual street clothes. You'll probably see some older women wearing fur coats and such and maybe some people in dresses, but not probably not super fancy ones. I personally would wear black wide leg trousers with a wrap sweater, heels, fancy jewelry and a dressy coat. IDK, you do see everything in NYC, but overall it's a fairly dressy city and the thing about New Yorkers wearing lots of black is true, especially during wintertime.

    HAVE FUN! :flowers:
  5. Thank you for your helpful comments! I can't wait to get there so I can shop til I drop!!
  6. casual would be great. BUt then again you could get real dressed up
  7. This is 1 of my options/Users/melissahewison/Desktop/cu.jpg with opaque tights and these shoes/Users/melissahewison/Desktop/index.jpg with my black MJ flat case clutch. Opinions please!!!!
  8. sorry bout that, let me figure this out.
  9. cu.jpg


    Ok, so this vanessa bruno athe dress with these pedro garcia pumps.
  10. ^ yes, that will work just fine. Very cute!
  11. While few people still get dressed up for the theater nothing irritates locals like tourists walking into a show looking like they are going to a picnic. I would never wear jeans to a Saturday evening performance. Comfort is key as is are usually packed in your seat. I typically wear black pants, heels, cashmere sweater, coat and never bring a big bag..simply no place to put it. Enjoy the show.
  12. What about trouser jeans with a really dark mercer wash?
  13. You might be better off with black pants...
  15. O.K! Thanks for all the feedback, black pants it is!