help me, need some opinions here.....

  1. hi, i need some opinions on which bag i should get between the speedy mini lini and the rosewood from the vernis collection. i already have two speedys 25s one from azur collection n the damier one. so which one should i get? i want some opinions here. thanks!!
  2. since you already have two speedys, I'll vote for the rosewood
    I got my first vernis not too long ago and I'm in love
    it's TDF :love:
    oh, and welcome to the forum!
  3. go for something different. Go for Rosewood! =]
  4. i like rosewood :smile:. it's a shoulder bag and so u will have both handheld and shoulder LV bags to choose from when u go out.
  5. i wanted to get the rosewood at first but my friends said im still kinda young for it. they said the bag kinda look a lil bit mature. i wanted to get the white rosewood. hehes
  6. btw, im planning to get the bag tomorrow. if i dont get it tomorrow i wont have time to get it n i gotta wait like a month later to get it. which one should i get??? thanksssssss
  7. who cares what your friends think? (no offense in any way)
    if you love it, go for it.
    what really matters in the end is... if you're truly happy or not..right?
  8. Well,go for the rosewood in Pomme!! I have it as my 1st Vernis and I love the feel of it. (See my avatar) its a very womanly bag and the strap can be adjusted for handcarry as well. Thus serving 2 purpose.
  9. I love the Mini Lin Speedy's

  10. Rosewood. Go for something different this time. Add more variety to your bag collection.
  11. I vote for rosewood!
  12. I love the mini lin!!! It's so different!
  13. I LoVe the rosewood, it just isn't big enough for me. If you can put all of your stuff in it, then go for it! GORGEOUS!
  14. would it look nice if i just use the rosewood for the casual days? if im going to get the rosewood, its probably gonna be the white one. hehes thanks for everyones opinions!!!:heart:
  15. i vote for mini lin, I love speedies.