Help me! Need a Coach wristlet urgently.

  1. Has Coach ever come out with a wristlet in this design?


    On a side note, i need some help! I have been wanting to get a Coach wristlet for my girl's birthday (coming up in 8 days) but it seems that i have waited for too long. All my local Coach boutiques are sold out! :wtf:

    Any ideas on where and how i could purchase either the above or the Legacy Oxford Stripe Flat Wristlet (Style No: 40552 ). I live in Singapore thou so the item has to reach me in less then a week's time (don't mind paying extra for expedited shipping). I have both CC and Paypal so payment should not be a big problem.

    Anyone could recommend me a good seller on eBay or any online stores which have the wristlets i need in stock?

    Please PM me if it is not convenient to post in this thread. Thanks in advance!

    PS: Not sure if this is the right section to post but please let my post stay for a few days. Really short on time now and wristlet stocks for Singapore are really gone (went to 4 different outlets). :crybaby:
  2. Hi - eBay... BUT...

    There were major issues with these wristlets. People did not like how they opened & the kisslocks were messed up. They got sent to the outlets so most of what you see on eBay will be from the Factory Stores (which is no big deal).

    I would get the plain legacy stripe wristlet, not the one with the kisslock.

    Look for an ebay seller with high feedback and alot of feedback.
  3. The plain legacy one caught my eye at first too, but i can't seem to find any at all.

    Really pressed for time now so i am widening my options.

    Would you have any particular eBay sellers to recommend? Most of them seem unwilling to ship to Singapore even thou i have a confirm Paypal address. :sad:
  4. ianianian, the plain legacy wristlet is available to order on I just called cs to confirm and was told they have plenty available. They retail for $58 I believe. Good luck. vbmenu_register("postmenu_3406698", true);
  5. Hi :tup:

    Thanks for the heads-up but i believe they do not ship out of the USA.

    Thanks for looking out anyway :heart:
  6. Ebay item # 330148132476

    It says they ship worldwide.
    Hope this helps!!
  7. You could possibly try coach's Japan website? Maybe they ship to Singapore?