help me name this chloe

  1. This is the Molly bag. I have a Chocolate one. I guess they were made for a short period of time and are not being made anymore. They are hard to find.
  2. Thanks plrck! Do you love it?
  3. Honestly, it is bigger than I had expected. But I do like it since it is so very rare. It is a lot like the Betty, but a little more understated. Hope this helps.
  4. It does seem pretty big...15x151/2? I'm 5'1''. U think it will be too big?
  5. It depends on how big of a bag you are looking for. It isn't overly big. Not as big as the Edith. I prefer my small betty and haven't really carried my Molly. It was actually more of an impulse buy. I tend to do that quite often.
  6. The dimensions I think are more like: 13 3/4 x 7 1/4 x 7.
  7. Okay, here are those pics! Hope this helps.:smile:
    Picture 020.jpg Picture 027.jpg
  8. Wow! I think it's beautiful! Don't sell it! It's a beauty and they are definetely rare! Thanks so much for your help!

  9. great pictures! I love it on you!:tup: