Help me name these purses please!!

  1. hi! i need a little help, i'm trying to sell these purses for my aunt, but i'm trying to find out the names/styles of them. they're dooney&bourke and coach. sorry the pictures are a little dark. but, any help would reeeally be appreciated! like the official colors, style name or number or anything like that. thanks soooo much!!!

    1. [​IMG]

    2. [​IMG]

    3. [​IMG]

    4. [​IMG]

    5. [​IMG]

    6. [​IMG]

    7. [​IMG]

    8. [​IMG]
  2. The Coach board can help you.
  3. #3 and #6 are Tassel Totes in Quilted Logo or whatever.

    #4 is a Barrel Bag in White "It".
  4. I am positive that the 4 one is the barrel it bag. I am not sure of the others' names.