Help me name the newest addition to my family.


What should I name my new baby girl?

  1. Daphne

  2. Jasmine

  3. Belle

  4. Ariel

  5. Elphie

  6. Daisy

  7. Maisy

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  1. Hey all!
    My new yorkiepoo (8 weeks old yesterday) will be coming home sometime the next week or so. Help me decide on a name before she gets home!!!! I've narrowed down the list but just can't decide. Attached are pics:
  2. choco pudding?
  3. Hey there,

    I like to name my guys after getting to know them a bit. I also perfer unique names to common ones - since I groom I see 101 Daisy's, Fluffy's, Aeriel's, Belle's and Jasmines. Oh and Buddy, Gigi, Sandy, Princess and Kiesha too. Funny, now that I think about it, unless a dog is horribly bad, or uniquely named I generally forget them!

    Regardless of what you name your new babe, enjoy the puppy year... and remember - you'll want to throw the dog out the window a few times - know things will get better and bless the pup for being so damned adorable!!
  4. AwWW.. cOngrats on the CUTIE!!!! She's so precious!!
  5. Daphne! :tup:
  6. Daisy.:smile:
  7. belle. i think it will fit perfect. Its such a beauty congrats on your new pup. so cute.
  8. She is SO freaking cute! Well I like the name daphne But I actually chose Elphie because it reminds me of Elphaba from the musical Wicked.
  9. Ariel. :smile: She's so little and cute!!
  10. I voted belle, such a cute name.
    Don't call her daisy! that reminds me of jessica simpsons dog and shes really annoying.
  11. :smile:It actually came from Daisy Duck along the disney theme...but I totally thought the same thing!
  12. She's a Maisy!! Awfully cute, BTW!
  13. She is such a cutie!!!!!! I think Daisy is really cute, but the Jessica Simpson thing didn't even occur to me.
  14. Awww adorable!!! Congrats :yahoo: She's a Daphne to me! Or Ariel, so cute!!!
  15. Update...she's coming home tomorrow! Yeah!!! I'm so excited!