Help me name my......

  1. puppy!! I am getting a female cockapoo in about a month and I need a name!!! Something LV-ish would be cute but I am taking ideas from everyone in my life. You guys are my buddies so I thought I would take ideas from you guys as well. She will be white and small (about 15 pounds fully grown). Thanks for your help in advance and I will let you know what I pick! :smile:
  2. I think "Speedy" would be perfect. We all know how much you love your 25.
  3. Sophie!
  4. call her azur
  5. Okay, this isn't LV related, but, I just love this name for a cute white girl puppy....

  6. My suggestions:
  7. match your bag!
  8. i second speedy!
  9. I second Sophie, that would be such an adorable name.
  10. Great choices John. :tup:

    All of those 5 names sound beautiful.

    I'd definitely pick a name from John's list.

    Congrats on your new puppy .... please post pics of the new cutie when she arrives!
  11. here are some names

    [] marly
    [] moyen
    [] Noe
    [] cabas
    [] cherry blossom
  12. Ohhh cute! I like Sophie and Maribelle a lot! Speedy is cute and you do all know how much I love my speedy! I love Marley too but it's sort of more for a boy, no?
  13. I'd go with Sophie or Jasmin.
  14. I love Maribelle, thats so cute. I think Marly could be either girl or boy. :flowers: let us know what u decide
  15. Congrats on your new puppy! :yahoo:

    I'm not very original with puppy is named Louis :supacool: