Help me name my new puppy! *please*

  1. Hi everyone. I don't often post to the Animalicious sub-forum but I would love your help in naming my new Golden Retriever puppy! I'll be puppy testing with my trainer on November 7th and I'll be taking one home with me on that day. I'll probably be getting a female - although not positive on sex.

    I currently have a yellow lab about 7 years old, Molly.

    I would like to go with a one syllable name this time.

    My trainer's dog name is "Flip". LOVE IT!

    And friends of friends have a dog named "Chase". Love that too!

    But I don't want to use those names.

    Thanks in advance!! I'll be sure to post pics when we get the new addition!
  2. How abt "Dog".. Haa. Im Kidding.. I'm waiting for the pics.. How does "Quick" sounds.. or "Bang"
  3. Flash!
  4. even though this is 2 syllable name I love Toby.

    always thought that would be a cute dog name!

    good luck!
  5. I had a shar pei named Spice, then we changed it to Spicy
  6. Great name but our neighbors have a black lab with a big white streak across his chest and they call him "Slash"!
  7. Good one! I like it! And that you can add the "y" too! Goldens are like a cinnamon color so that would go very well.


    Keep them coming!! My son also thought of "Tag".
  8. Chip!
  9. How about maxter?
  10. Awww! I have a golden retriever puppy too! She is 6 months old -- Katie! They are amazing dogs, so smart, so much energy, and just brings me so much joy!!

    Ok, :back2topic: ... names for your new pup...

    I like Spark and Jazz.

    Best wishes to you and your pup! Can't wait to see pictures of your lovely new addition!!!
  11. I like the name Henry
  12. If he's a large boy, how about "Tank"...
  13. Here's some ideas:
    Dash, Trip, Finn, Brass, Bert, Buzz, Max, Wink, Jess, Bess, Sky
  14. Gosh! How cool is this!!! A new baby!!! Congratulations!

    I've decided that the next time I add a pet to our family, I'm going to get one of the baby name books to help me out.

    Last spring I found two dogs and I named one Piper and the other Daisy. In the end I found their owners and I don't know what their real names were, but I thought those were great names.

    Best wishes with your new puppy! I'd love to be in your shoes!
  15. Moose, Butch, Ralph, Skip, Jock, Chip, Flash, Duke. Lou

    Have fun with your new baby. I am sure the name will come to you when you meet him.