Help Me name my new DOGGY! She's a Lab/Terrier Mix!

  1. Hi girls..

    Help me name my new dog! She's a 2 month old Lab/Terrier mix, still checking which type of terrier (any idea?). I already have a white Japanese Spitz Boy .. this is his new baby sister!

    I personally don't really like naming pets after humans. Was going to go for "Baby", as in "nobody puts baby in a a corner"....but still thinking about it...

    Any suggestions?

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  2. omg sooooo cute! When I was naming my dog I wanted an Irish name (because of my school and football team) so I actually went online for ideas...he ended up being named Brody O'Malley.
    I think baby is a cute name.
    I agonize over naming my pets...I have a twiggy, fuzzy, cheese (he's orange), and sebastian (he is black & white like a piano so we named him after Bach).
    For girl dogs I also like:
    Foxy, Lucy, Maggie, Molly (I know you don't like human names...sorry!). I also like Cuddles.
    Thinking about it more though....I think baby is great!
  3. She's adorable! All of the names I would suggest are human names, dang it! I'm sure you'll come up with a great one for her!
  4. Aaaaaw, how cute!! I don't know about name though - our pets usually always gets human names, but maybe you can name her after a cartoon character or something? I know that there are a lot of people who does that.
  5. my girls are named after flowers...(violet, and lilly) my love muffins....What a gorgeous pup!!! Whatever you name her...have FUN.

    P.S...Lilly is always in trouble...she is a STINKER!!! SO I often call her stinky...or!
  6. How about "Lou Lou" - i like it for a dog. Or Puss?
  7. I don't mind human "nicknames" or non-conventional human names..

    i'd will feel weird when I meet someone with the same name as my pet.. hehehe...

    i had a blast reading your posts twiggers, printmodel, sunshine and sweetlove.. thanks for sharing!!

    my mum and dad wanna name her something related to the WorldCup...

    i suggested Kaka (as in that boyish brazilian soccer player.. the one who scored that awesome goal in their opening match)

    my sister wants Tommie.. (which i VETO-ed)

    Then dad said : "Fifa!"........ hahaha
  8. about Honey because that is the color of her fur?

    My 13 year old Bichon is named Chloe.
  9. I have a Jackson and a Mace Windu. But, I did name my Jackson after the place in Wyoming. Mace/Mason is from Star Wars. The kids did that!

    I love the name Baby. What is that girls real name in the movie? Frances, I think? I like that, too.
  10. That is such an adorable puppy! I like the name Baby :yes: I'm sorry I'm rubbish at names.. how about Ellie? Mollie? Jip?
  11. Cute pup!! I like Sweetie.
  12. my dad has a dog named chewy, and i have a dog named crunchy.

    my nickname used to be baby since i am the youngest of three but i hated it!

    she's sooooo adorable.
  13. My dog is named Ellie. How about Sylvie?
  14. I think Daisy is cute..
  15. Our dog that passed away last year was Sassy, and we really like that name. Our current puppy is Lucy and our cat is Sophie. The dog I had growing up was named Heidi. Sorry if I'm no help. Other than Sassy, our pets have people names. I've also heard of Maggie and Molly for pets, and I like those too.

    Oh, hey, I just had a thought: Since she's got a Japanese "big brother," how about Sushi?