Help me name my lovely...

  1. baby chihuahua!!! He's 12 weeks old with a brindle coat and no name!!! :sad: So far the choices we've had are:

    Henry (character in a favorite novel)
    Bambi because he looks like a little deer
    Muchacho (yo quiero taco bell?)

    I'm not sure if I love those names though. If you squint he also looks like a little rat! :wtf: LOL! I've been calling him Henry but does that sound right? My SO wants to name him Boris or Bruno but uh...HELP!!! I've attached some pictures too! Give me your best chihuahua name!

    Btw, thank you to those who replied to my post yesterday about puggles and chihuahuas! So far the puggle has swiped at and bitten him during puppy play which is normal but still is a bit too rough so we don't let them play too near each other. Hopefully Suri will learn to be gentler.
    chi1.jpg chi2.jpg chi3.jpg chi4.jpg chi7.jpg chi8.jpg chi5.jpg chi6.jpg
  2. spike or rocky
  3. Gino, Dino or Carlos (after Carlos Fal-chi :smile:)?
  4. OOo, I love his color!!! How about "Copper" ?
  5. Henry!!!! I think that's a perfect name.
    more importantly...HE'S SOOOOOO FREAKIN CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!:heart:
    look at that little doll face :love::love::love:
  6. Picture 1 and 3 are KILLING me! lol I love the sideways eyeball.
  7. :smile: OMG,your little chi is adorable.I like the name Muchacho,it's not so run of the mill.
    I named my chihuahua Chiweewee :lol: .Congrats on your new baby he looks like he's going to be quite spunky,how about the name Sparkplug .
  8. Henry...

    Please don't name him bambi. :smile:
  9. My SO just called me on the phone to say that he doesn't like Henry AT ALL. Hmmph.
  10. Ugh, he's so cute.

    Name him... Boogie?... Charlie?
  11. LOL! I like Boogie! But maybe I like Booger better!!! OH NOOOOO....
  12. Name him Snuffleupagus!! LOL like the thing from Sesame Street! I've always wanted to name an animal that!

    Cat- Chiweewee is cuuute!
  13. He's so cute and cuddly looking. How about "Brownie"?
  14. I almost named my dog Booger... If I ever got a male dog, that'd be his name. hehehehe
  15. Hey, how about El Cobre?? That's Copper in Spanish.