Help me name her!


What do I name her?

  1. Abby

  2. Alice

  3. Allegra

  4. Chloe

  5. Gemma

  6. Gabby (Gabbana or Gabrielle)

  7. Delilah

  8. Miss Kitty

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  1. So I've gotta come up with a name for my new kitty. I mentioned it in the other thread, but I've got a poll now and I've got it narrowed down, so help me out ladies-- what do you think?

    Here she is; she's gray and black marked, a Maine Coon cat. She's very mothering-- she is 8 months old and even started nursing a litter of kittens that weren't hers (in her foster home, before I got her. She started lactating for these kittens!)

    She is very pretty and dainty and elegant; the way she walks is so cute! She is also very petite. Very sweet and quiet and placid; nothing disturbs her at all.

    Pics below. What do you guys think? I've got it narrowed down to:

    Gabby (Gabrielle or Gabbana, my other cat's name is Dolce)
    Miss Kitty

    I know, it's a lot of names. Help me choose! TIA! :flowers:
    clem1.jpg clem2.jpg
  2. Haha I love how most of these names are related to fashion... designers, models, etc... Or maybe I'm seeing wayyyyy too much into this ;)

    Anyway, she's adoooorable!!! :heart: I can't pick... I love Alice, Allegra, Gabbana and Delilah :p
  3. Hehe yes a lot of them are related to fashion...

    Allegra... Allegra Cole, AMber Valletta's character on Hitch...
    Gemma, Gemma Ward...
    Gabby-- Gabbana...
    Chloe... obviously...

    LMAO. I'm a nerd.
  4. I voted for Delilah!
  5. I voted Delilah too- its just such a dainty name :smile:
  6. Gemma!
  7. I think she looks like a Gabby!
  8. I prefer Gabby out of those choices.
  9. She looks like an Abby to me.
  10. I think she LOOKS like a Chloe. :smile: hehe hope that helps!
  11. Abby! :tup:
  12. She's a Delilah...look at how she's ready to bat her eyelashes in the second picture! :smile:
  13. hehe, I love the name Delilah! (See pug picture in my profile). However, I think Miss Kitty looks like a Gabanna. Those eyes are just amazing!
  14. Abby, Gabby and Delilah are winning! LOL. I'm sitting here with her right now and she's just like, 'hurry up already!'
  15. In the end, are you like me and wind up calling your pets all sorts of names? :smile: If so, you could cut to the chase and call her little miss fuzzy buns, lol