Help me name a cocktail?

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  1. My good friend's family owns a distillery and he's also mixologist for bars that they supply down at a premier beach island and he's decided he wants to name a cocktail after me, and put it on their menu :P

    My name is Vanna and I can't think of anything creative to go with that. He says he'll match the drink to the name and promises me that it'll taste good, and maybe be one of those that sneaks up on you later lol :graucho:

    Any suggestions? :smile:
  2. Vantastic. In Germany it would actually sound fantastic lol.
  3. Hmm maybe something with Van-illa ?
  4. mango vanna banana?
  5. Vannaty.
  6. vanarita

    (i love margaritas)
  7. the Vanimal
  8. its a good thing you aren't named mildred or something like that

    vanna sounds like the perfect name to inspire a cocktail!
  9. NirVanna. (playing on "Nirvana" of course)
  10. A Vanna-pire??? Capitalizing off the current vampire trends...though, my fave suggestions so far are NirVanna and Vanimal, very clever...
  11. Vannatini!
  12. I think Vanna itself is awesome enough to be a cocktail! I'd definitely order one!!! :tup:
  13. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback, will run them by him and see how it goes :biggrin:
  14. Talking of cocktails - I could do with a cocktail now! :tup: