Help me! My newest LV edition but need help!

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  1. Ok, so after much perusing and pondering, I headed down to the LV store today and was steadfast and determined to find something. In my recent threads I was thinking about getting either the Manhattan PM or the Ribera MM. Well, after I decided to go for it, I chose the Manhattan but right before I asked for it (not exaggerating here), the lady in front of me got the last one...:sad: So, I got the Ribera instead...Needless to say, I was intially disappointed but thought that things happen for a reason so I wasn't bummed out for too long. Anyway, OT-I didn't know that LV sold their display bags?! They said they sold their display bag to the woman in front of me? Hmmm..didn't know that was possible?

    Anyway, long story short, glad I didn't get the more expensive Manhattan b/c some unexpected bills came up (medical,unplanned plane tickets, etc) and glad I went w/ the Ribera. However, still wondering if I should go for something smaller since the Ribera is awfully wide (I'm petite - 5'2 frame). It looked good in the store but wanted y'all's opinions and expertise too. Kinda having buyer's regret. Help plz!

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  2. Based on you holding it in your hand it does not look too big.

    Are your feelings of regret possibly more about recent life events and less about the bag?

    To be honest, you can always buy a bag if you really wanted the Manhatten they will restock it - and maybe you would be best served by waiting right now - sounds like you might have your hands full in the near future.

    Good luck - you should never keep anything you do not feel 100% about.
  3. True...and maybe I should elaborate..the tickets were more of a spontaneous trip that my husband and I are going on that I'm helping out w/. The medical part isn't that much of a biggie.

    I forgot to mention the pros and cons of each bag too. I like the shape of both bags but I'm not sure if I'm going to like how the Manhattan's vachetta will darken whereas on the Ribera, it doesn't! But then the Manhattan is slimmer than the Ribera...hhmm..decisions decisions...the SA told me she would call me when they get their next shipment in which will prob be next Wed.
  4. I am partial to the ribera and think the size is just right. I have said it before I am a damier lover. I wasn't sure when I purchased my damier papillon but now it has become one of my favorites. Now I like it better than my monogram bags but can't seem to part with them just yet.

    If you are having buyers remorse you should return it. LV bags will always be there you can go back and look at them another day.

  5. I hate when that happens, LV or not! I'll be shopping and my eye will catch something and next thing I know the person in front of me grabs it :amazed: Just makes me want to pray that it looks horrible on the person.

    I think it depends on the customer and how much the customer wants the bag, also how much patina it has. I guess the woman in front of you really wanted the bag because I would never get a floor display!

    I think if you're having buyer's regret you should return it and wait for the Manhattan, even if it is a couple months longer than expected, at least you'll have something you really wanted instead of a 'second-best'. Good luck with everything and I hope you're alright!!

    Also do you have a body picture of you holding the ribera?
  6. Thanks so much for your suggestions! I don't have a body shot but I can try to get one posted tomorrow. I really do like the bag and it's not that I'm not absolutely thrilled w/ my Ribera b/c I am IN LOVE :love: w/ the damier canvas. I just figure if I'm going to spend that much money on something, it has to be 110%, you know? I usually hand hold my bags so that wouldn't be a problem for either handbag but w/ that said, I am wondering if the patina on the Manhattan handles is going to bother me whereas the Ribera handles wouldn't darken? Any thoughts?
  7. :sad2: i'd have to agree with what has been said, if you have buyers regret i would take it back, but i think it looks really awesome! When i was deciding on my first LV i thought of getting one like yours, but i got a speedy instead - i do totally understand the height thing im just shy of 5 2'! If you had your heart complete set on the manhattan then i would wait - waiting might make you go nuts but its totally worth it in the end! :biggrin:

    good luck with your choice and keep us up dated!
  8. Well that's the thing: I didn't really have my heart set on the Manhattan. I just thought it looked smaller than the Ribera width-wise. I adore them equally but here's my quirkiness coming into play: Do I not worry about the patina on the Manhattan handles or do I not worry about the width of the Ribera. I swear I think I'm going crazy over stupid details!:wacko:
  9. I definitely understand. Maybe hold onto the ribera for another day or two and wear it around the house with different outfits to see if you're in love with it 110% ;)

    I loveee damier canvas (and anything with nonvachetta trimming and handles) because I don't have to worry about patina and I can practically take it out anytime whereas with vachetta I have to be more careful. If you're someone who takes extreme care of their bags then I'll definitely stick to the Ribera so the idea of 'dirtying' the vachetta is eliminated.

    btw I think the ribera is a wonderful style!
  10. Thanks so much! You're very understanding! Guess that's what this forum is for!:biggrin: My SA said that she'd call me once they get another Manhattan in stock and that I still have 2 wks if I decide that I want to return the Ribera for the Manhattan. Guess I'll take it out for a few test runs and see if I like it or not. I guess they get their shipments in every Wed but that it takes about 2 days for them to know what their shipment consists of since they're so large. Guess I'll wait and see. If they don't have it, then it was fate.;)
  11. I think you picked the right bag because you have mentioned more than once about worrying about the patina on the Manhattan handles. You won't have that worry with the Ribera.
  12. I really like it. I'm the same height as you, and I can imagine carrying that bag and not feeling overwhelmed.

    And Damier is lovely.
  13. I really like the Damier b/c it looks so elegant and understated to me for some reason. I just think it's very classy. I just don't want to look like a doctor making house calls!:biggrin:
  14. Being petite as well, and totally in love with the Damier Canvas, have you considered waiting for a Speedy in the Damier print? The Ribera looks a bit like what the Speedy might be like...just a random suggestion. And, I assume that the Speedy will come in different sizes, so presumably, you can get a smaller one if you are concerned about size.
  15. I honestly did think about that and two strikes were against it: 1) I HATE:Push: WAITING! :smile:
    2) I wanted something w/a little different shape than the Speedy.

    If I can, I'm going to post a pic of a body shot holding the handbag so y'all can be the judge of whether or not it's too big. I need an objective point of view.