Help me -----must find this coat!(PICTURE UPLOADED)

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  1. Hi, girls! I am wanting this coat badly. There is a few left in my local Saks store, which is 40% off. But I still hope that I can find it at a lower price. Have any one seen it in bloomingdales and Barneys or else? Please let me know if you saw one at a better price. I really appreciate any info.
    juicy couture 548.jpg
  2. Unfortunately I do not see a picture nor a link so, would you kindly post that up?
  3. can you provide some info on the coat? is it juicy couture?
  4. Yes, this is Juicy coat!! I have one myself!! I ordered it from NM during their private sale event which gives me 30% off!! It has been well sold in everywhere. But I regret to get it...because quality seems very bad...but this is a cute coat tho!!
  5. Yes, it is juicy couture. The retail price is $548.
  6. When was the last time you checked Saks? Everything that was already on sale went an extra 50% off on the 25th, so it might be even lower now. But if the 40% off already takes into account the latest markdown, I don't think you'll find it at a lower price.

  7. I have my SA have this coat on hold before Christmas and thought it would go an extra 50% off on 26th. However, it didn't. It is still 40% off now.
  8. I saw that coat online last night at revolve clothing. Right now they do not have the best deal, but they'll price match and have standard free shipping, and well at least in my case - no tax (i'm in Fla).
  9. saw at neiman marcus, additional 30% off the lowest sale price. Good luck