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  1. I am looking at the Saks site to order the oversized Muse in chocolate. But I'm getting confused because though it says oversized, the picture I think is showing the large size. Here are the dimensions they are giving: 13"H X 17"L X 4"W . Is anyone familiar with the dimensions for each size? I don't want to order the wrong bag cause of a screwy Saks site! I want the Oversized for sure. Thanks for your help!:yes:
  2. Kikila: I agree that bag you describe could be the Large, not the Oversize. Several of us have noticed this problem on the major web sites--Neimans, Saks, Bergdorfs. Sometimes when they post the different YSL Muses, they mix up the descriptions/pictures/dimensions/prices. For instance, they show a Large Muse but quote the Oversize price, or vice-versa, or they'll call it one thing and its another. Lord knows what they actually ship out!

    Perhaps the best way to go is to phone-order your bag from a knowledgeable sales associate (either at a YSL boutique or from the YSL dept. at SaksNY). *If you must order online, one way to know what you're getting is probably by the price. In the regular leather, the Oversize Muse costs $1,295 and the Large Muse costs $1,195.
  3. I agree w/ Cosmopolitan on this one. I ordered a Large Muse a while back from Saks NYC from an SA in the YSL dept. that I thought was knowledgable but ended up w/an Oversized!!! You would've thought the price would've tipped him off but that didn't matter. Nonetheless, I winded up keeping the Oversize ( he mailed me the Large after I told him the mistake, but he was still confused, most of the SA's are!!! Even when I'm at NM,the SA's there still don't know their sizes!! They think the Oversize is the Large!!!) bc the size suited me better for what I was using it for. The price should definitely tip you off though. If you ask your SA about the size, ask he/she also about the price. I would go off the price if I were you, bc most SA's don't know their sizes!!! Sad bc its their job!!!
  4. I just looked on the site. I think they may have mixed up the prices for the regular and the patent. Isn't the patent more expensive? The dimensions are those of the large. The price is $100 more than it should be.
  5. ^^^Actually, I have read elsewhere that the patent Muses are less expensive than the regular leather Muses...
  6. Hmm. Well on the saks site, the patent is selling for the price of the leather large (although they are calling it oversized, it is the dimensions of the large) and the leathers are selling for the price of the leather oversized, but the dimensions suggest that they are selling the large--at $100 more than it should ordinarily cost. Very confusing.
  7. How is it that we don't even sell bags for a living, and we know more than the salespeople do. It bothers me when they don't know the product. I too ordered the Medium and Large in Chocolate and Black from two different stores and got the Oversized and the Large instead. It pissed me off because then I had to send the bags back and I still have not taken the time to call the stores to get the return shipping credited. To top it all off the sales associate who sent me the chocolate Muses was quite rude. When my credit card did not go through because of some error on their part he became short with me and said, "I lost 7 clients today because of you!" and I replied, "You just lost 8" and hung up. Then when the bags arrived they were all bent out of shape with different stuffing (not the stuffing from YSL) and the leather seemed dry in some places and cracked. I obviously wanted to return the bags but there was no reciept. As it was an EGC day, they told me it should come later, but a month later and no EGC card and no receipt. Then finally I just sent the bags back after talking to customer service.

    I don't even know if I have a credit yet. The whole thing pissed me off so much.

    I really hate it when, on the EGC days, they dont send the reciept immediately, and I never see the card.

    This happened to me again recently... but I could go on and on.
  8. Also, I ordered what I thought was the large from Bergdorfs and got the XL. They charged me $100 less for the XL, but I didn't want that size, so I returned it.
  9. That's terrible, TAoA! You should call the retailers to complain about the SA's attitude and the condition of your merchandise.

    Maybe the solution is to just order from YSL directly. I had a great experience with the boutique and the SA was very knowledgeable about every size, color, and leather variation (did anyone know that the Muse comes in ostrich??). I was quite intimidated before I went in to the shop but I received much better treatment than I have on occasion at Neiman Marcus or Saks.
  10. I just bought a large black muse from the YSL boutique in San Francisco and SA was really helpful. She let me try all of the colors, showed me how to work the functional lock, and actually gave me advice on which color will stay timeless. The experience is way better than purchasing through Saks.