Help Me Match...

  1. I just won


    and was wondering should I get


    this to match or is there a wallet or something better to match it with??
  2. Congrats, I love your new bag! I can't be of much help on the matching thing though, sorry!
  3. For the size of the bag, you really don't want too big an accessory to match it. I personally think the mini skinny matches really well (even though they're not exactly the same color and the mini skinny is more of a gold color). Great size and functionality too!

    Go for it!!!
  4. I would get the matching mini skinny.
  5. that mini skinny is super cute and matches perfectly - go for it!
  6. while I think they would work...they don't perfectly match. the skinny is lurex (ie - shiney), the other isn't.

  7. I think it would go perfect with it. Your new bag is so pretty!
  8. I like the mini skinny with it too.. they look as if they'd be a great match together =)
  9. i think the mini skinny is adorable just another suggestion,,,

    I just think those little top clasp coin purses are SOOo cute :smile: but either one would be awsome!
  10. i dont think it matches 100% but i would go for the mini skinny.
  11. I would wait until I found the matching mini skinny. that line is from summer 06 so they're definitely still around and pretty easy to find, esp on eBay
  12. I think I'm gonna wait for the matching mini skinny to pop up. The lurex one is so gorgeous though ... gosh gonna be so hard to hold out. Can't wait for my new bag to arrive, my first coach bag btw :smile:
  13. congrats on your first coach!
  14. optic is so cute can't go wrong with any accessories that are optic or lurex