Help me make up my mind please! This or that?


Which day?

  1. RH Sahara Day

  2. RH Sienna Day

  3. neither/other?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'd love to try the day and am trying to make up my mind between sienna and sahara. Which one would you choose?

    Currently I have a city in plomb and rouille and a mogano part time. I am also considering a green day, possibly vert thyme. Would the sienna be too close to what I already have? Would the sahara be too hard to keep clean? I just use my bags, I don't baby them.

    Please help me decide!
    image.jpg image(siennaday).jpg
  2. sienna for sure! sienna leather is scrumptious, and seems to be consistently thick and yummy. Plus, I just bought a sienna day and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival!
  3. Sienna~~~~~~~~
  4. that's sahara? looks ivory and it's nice too. i presonally prefer sienna. oh you got your mogano PT! wow! i'm still working on my 3rd bbag, haha :rolleyes:
  5. I would personally go for a Sahara. It's a beautiful shade & quite different from what you already have. It will look beautiful in the day style, possibly sigh SGH or GGH too.
  6. Love the Sienna, that`s my choice...
  7. the day in vert thyme is gorgeous ....
  8. my vote goes to sahara, it will work well with your collection!
  9. In the RH day I prefer sienna it has that bohème chicness to it and will certainly age beautifully.
  10. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing pictures!
  11. I know exactly what you mean, it just suits this style and will age well. I am not so sure how well Sahara will age. Will it end up just looking dirty?

    Most of you are voting for Sienna!
  12. I know, crazy huh? What will your third bag be?

    I like the Sienna too but think it may be too close to what I already have. ???
  13. That's a really tough call!! I really love sienna, but I am also really drawn to the sahara in the day style. Maybe sahara would work better with your current collection?? Or, when in doubt, get both :nuts:!!!
  14. LOL, I wish. No can do.
  15. i know what you mean. it's warm, like your rouille. do you know the rouille is calling my name of late? :push::sweatdrop: i'd be thinking: do i want a typical red? why not an orange instead?! i'll sleep on this one. no extra funds now, anyway.

    i do think sienna is something i would invest in if i have the funds. my 3rd bbag is a of tannish shade. not quite as red as the sienna but something along the line. where would you be getting the sienna day, if you decide to do so? :biggrin:

    so, do you love the mogano PT? did i miss your thread? can you match it to your wardrobe and shoes easily?