Help Me ! Make up my mind .. MJ Bag !!!!

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  1. Hi
    MJ experts ... Can you Help me ?

    I want to buy MJ bag ... I saw the bags on the webpage ( I didn't see them in real life ) ...:confused1:

    Can you please Recommend me the color & Style .. from the bellow list :

    The I like :

    1- the IRINA HOBO Resort 2006 Bag ( colors : Lime , Black , or oatmeal):heart:
    2- the RUFUS S\S 2007 Bag ( colors in Navy or Black )
    3- the IRINA Resort 2006 Bag ( colors: Black , Truffle ,or Navy )

    Which one shall I pick ,,, ( all Think I like the IRINA HOBO ):tup: because it's easy to wear shoulder bag + soft leather
    But i guess the only think is stopping me to buy it is that it's a Resort 2006 collection :tdown:

    & I'm still thing of which color is the best ???

    Thanks :heart:,
  2. Personally, the "MARC JACOBS" on the front of the bags is not my style. If I had to choose one though it would be between the Irina Hobo and the Rufus. I would avoid the Irina, it's huge! Good luck!! Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  3. Images ....
    of the Bags ...

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  4. they all have Marc Jacobs on the Bag
  5. or shall I go for ...
    .................:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1: ............ the New Fall 2007 Bags

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  6. Hi

    I need your help I saw A MJ bag ... But I don't now whats its name or it's part of which collection .....:yes:

    Attached pic .. it's the white bag ?

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  7. I like the black bag with the chain. Good luck on your decision.
  8. I love this one:

    But, I didn't think I'd like those Irina bags either, and then I saw a gal at the airport carrying one. She looked lovely! I think you might get more mileage out of the Christy. Plus, the colors available are fantastic.
  9. ^ i LOVE that bag. i never saw it in blue though. also, if you can find a bag from the sweet punk line (that's the bag that fergie is holding in that picture you posted), that would be my second pic. those bags are growing on me. that style might be called "sid" but i'm not entirely sure. let us know which one you pick!
  10. :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    what's the sweet punk line ? is it part of Marc JAcobs collection

    can't find it online !!!!!


    Girls ,,,, you think NO IRINA ????

  11. ^ do a search of the forum, you'll find it that way. Fergie's bag is not the sid though, I think it might be the debbie?

    I'd go with the debbie if you can get away with it, esp at work. Otherwise, navy christy gets my vote followed by the irina hobo in black.
  12. i like the christy best, but the sweet punk line is cute, just not for me...

    I don't really care for the ones with "marc jacobs" on it...JMO
  13. Another vote for the Christy!
  14. Christy!
    I don't like the "name" bags
  15. I HATE the Irina bag at the beginning, but I saw a lady carrying it on her shoulder and it looks absolutely GORG.,
    I finally got one from Nordies yesterday at 40% off.
    good luck with your decision!