Help me make the decision....please

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  1. Ladies, I need to make a decision between, Gold Tribeca, Navy Tribeca and purple patent glam poppy tote. Which color do you ladies think will be a better choice? I can only keep one and have to return two. Any help will be appreciated...
  2. i think it depends on what you're looking everyday bag? i think that the navy tribeca is timeless and would look great for both work and "play"...
  3. navy such a classic color. I love that bag but the straps were to short.
  4. Not sure how much help I'll be but I just got the navy tribeca tote and I think the color is just gorgeous! And the leather is like buttah! I'm not a gold or purple person myself though. decisions,decisions!! Good Luck!
  5. Thanks ladies, I am looking for everyday bag for work and play.
  6. I can't say anything about the tribeca tote because I don't have one but I love my Glam Tote. It's really huge though, probably one of the biggest bags I've ever owned.

    Which one do you think you would get more use out of?
  7. hmmm... I am looking for a bigger bag that can be also used for travels and stuff, but I probably don't need it to be too big.
  8. My glam tote is really broke in and it's just a big giant hole to throw everything in. It doesn't keep it's shape but it really takes a beating and still looks great. I definitely beat the crap out of it.
  9. I don't care for purple, so having that said, I think the gold is the most neutral but the navy is a nice color, so you can't go wrong with either really.
  10. HI,
    I don't have either the Tribeca or the Poppy Glam tote but the Tribec is very nice!!! I have seen both the Navy and Gold Patent IRL! The Navy is a nice Neutral color. The Gold would also be nice because it isn't so bright and I love the Patent!!!
    Good Luck in your decision!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. Purple Glam Poppy ;)
  12. I love all of those colors! However, if you are looking for something year round, I would go with the navy. It will literally match EVERYTHING (unlike the purple) and is more year round to me then the gold (which I think of as being more of a spring/summer bag). Good luck deciding!
  13. Thanks ladies for helping me make the decision, I am going to go with the navy tribeca.
  14. Get the Glam tote, the Tribeca totes are too small IMO. Plus, the SA said she has had complaints about the straps twisting up (the chain part).
  15. I have to say the Glam Tote...Just gave my DD one and she took it to school this morning, it holds alot....