Help me make the decision : Juicy or LV...!?

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Is it worth deviating?

  1. Get the Juicy! it's HOT! get the LV later!

  2. Wait and get the LV sooner!

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  1. HI all...!!! :nuts:

    got a decision to make hoping y'all can help me out with it!
    i'm a uni student, so i'm on a budget... i've been trying to save up for the Louis Vuitton Batignolles Vertical..

    but i dont think i'd be able to get it for another 6 months or so..say around xmas. but then i would like to have a nice low maintenance shoulder bag to lug around for the summer... and i fell in love with this bag.. the Juicy Couture Daydreamer Velour in Black.

    Problem is getting this bag is gonna set me back a lil bit in getting my LV.. which is THE ultimate bag, and my style isn't really girly, :shame:and i'm wondering if it's going to be a versatile bag? So should i just wait and get my LV in a few months or should i just get this bag anyways, since it's not gonna be around forever.

    i know i'm rambling on a bit now:p.. but help me out here ladies...!!

    TIA..!! :flowers:
  2. The Juicy bag is a fun, young bag, but my concern is about how well the velour bags hold up. I've seen them in stores and they tend to get shop-worn pretty easily, so I'd worry about how well they would stand up to being carried.

    If it were me, I'd wait for the BV, which will look nice and work for you almost forever. But I understand the allure of immediate satisfaction, too! I just think the BV is a bag you will really love.
  3. My Juicy bags have held up pretty good.
    Though I don't use them anymore. I feel a bit old (19) since I'm not in HS anymore

    I'd wait for the BV
  4. I would wait and get the LV.
    I had a couple of Juicy Bags and ended up sellin them on eBay. They are cute but the LV is a classic piece which you will want to keep forever.
  5. I bought the JC Daydreamer for my 13 yr old niece. She loves it, and it's perfect for teenagers. She has been carrying it for about 6 months. The one annoying factor is the bow comes off often.

    Here is a question for you: IF you got the Juicy today, will you be satisfied with the bag? or will you still be lusting for the LV batignolles?

    Juicy bags go on sale; LV doesn't. In fact, their prices only go one way - up.
  6. I agree with the others on this one. I love both the juicy bag and the LV. I have a juicy daydreamer and while its pretty and unique and does hold up pretty good for velour, i would save up for LV if that is more of your dream purse. In the end you will be satisfied and LV will last you forever.
  7. I say wait and get the LV. Juicy bags are really cute, but how long can a velour bag really last, you know what I mean? If your on a budget, imo, you should get one bag that would last a long time instead of 2 or 3 bags that would probably fall apart in 2 years.
  8. wow... so basically everyone thinks it's a bit too young..? :confused1: don't worry i want honest opinions! :p i'd rather know now than to regret it after buying it...! does JC bags = tweens?

    Any other suggestions..? something chic casual, maybe botkier? bulga? has to be something that doesnt have to be babied (i.e my balenciagas..ggrrr...even though i love them)... and not to0 expensive..

    TIA! :flowers:
  9. IMO, get the Louis. It's far more classic and it's something you can carry for years (assuming you take care of it).

    My friends like Juicy bags and they all seem to be in pretty bad condition, particularly their velour and terry bags. Even their leather isn't great quality, as it seems to wear down fast.

  10. :wtf: ew... ok that does it..!!

    thanks soooo much ladies...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::cutesy:
  11. ^No prob. :biggrin: Really in the end it comes down to what you want.

    Just my advice though, the LV is a lot more expensive but it will also last you a LOT longer. And it goes with anything. Good luck!
  12. I'll choose LV over Juicy, i think that the LV can last you for a very long time.
  13. not a fans of juicy, so i would say the LV :yes:
  14. I loveeeeeee the BV, so without hesitation, voting for LV!
  15. Definitely wait and save up for the LV. You'll be glad you did!