help me make the cut!


which should i keep?

  1. keep harnais de cour

  2. keep a cor et cri

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  1. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been too enthusiastic in collecting scarves, and i need to cull the collection of many that are duplicate color schemes. usually i have a clear favorite, but in this case i'm having trouble deciding which to keep.

    so which do you thing stays? they're both vintage and about equal in condition (very good +) -- i think the harnais de cour is a little more rare, but probably not much. by the way, the first looks much brighter in these pics, but the second was taken with a soft flash -- in person the shades are the same.

    harnais de cour (click on images to enlarge):


    a cor et cri:

  2. harnais de cour < ----- Love:heart: this - always have...
  3. They are both so beautiful!! I can totally understand your dilemma, but for me, I'd keep the first one.
  4. i like the Cri because I love the sketches.
  5. Easy for me Cri
  6. Me too!
  7. Find the harnais to be more interesting.
  8. Hiya, darlin! Both are gorgeous. But, it seems to me (at least on my monitor in the office) that the harnais would work best with gold jewelry and the cri with silver. Which do you wear more often?
  9. Hard one! Cri....
  10. I dont find them that similar. How do they tie?
  11. harnais, because it has more colours.
  12. harnais is more eye catching.
  13. thanks everyone --

    ninja sue -- great observation. but wouldn't you just figure, i wear both equally. :p

    seton -- from an artistic perspective i agree with you completely. but from a 'what am i going to wear today?" standpoint, they're pretty much interchangeable -- the deep red color is identical on them, and the main difference in feel is the true red border on harnais.
  14. Wear cri, frame harnais :angel:
  15. ^^Great idea Loony^^