Help me make some simple decisions, moissanite studs

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  1. Hi Jewel Box ladies,

    I am planning to purchase a simple pair of moissanite or other simulant earrings for myself as a belated birthday present.

    Easy, right? Well maybe.

    I am thinking of purchasing from (However I have heard of a seller called poppyseed but I don't know how to track them down.) MCo. has a huge variety of styles for basic stud earrings.

    Here's what I know.

    -- I don't want screw backs. I am thinking friction will be fine for sim stones.
    -- Thinking size should be 5mm.
    -- I am unsure of martini settings being uncomfortable. Not even sure if I like the look. I think I liked a 6 prong once, but haven't scrolled through photos lately.
    -- I like some of the fancier settings but does it even matter on earrings?
    -- Classic (least $), Forever Brilliant (middle $), Forever One (most $)?

    Honestly I don't want to spend too much time fussing over earrings and I'd like to get a nice pair that I'll enjoy for many years. Appreciate any input. Thanks!

    P.S. Looking at the site these are some I like:

    Double Prong Antique Round

    4 Prong Martini

    Exclusive Round? 4 Prong Trellis? 6 Prong Tiffany?? Aaargh!

    Just want something that looks nice for frequent wear that looks nicer than Target CZs. Thanks!
  2. I prefer the martini setting to any other that I have.
    They fit nice and close to the ear, and there is less chance of them hanging downwards.

    Is there any special reason why you want Moissanite?

    I have a few pieces, I really don't care for them, they have a yellow tinge to them so I rarely wear them. I purchased them online so that might have been the problem since I didn't see them before buying. I'm told you can find some that are whiter but have never seen any,.

    Now I would buy a good quality cz if I wasn't going to buy real diamonds. I think they look much nicer.
  3. I'm hearing that the newer Moissanites are better color, more durable, and stay cleaner longer than the CZs. The only CZs I've had are cheapies from Target, and I'd like to have something in a nice setting that will have a long life span.
  4. Try the shopping channels like QVC, HSN, EVINE. From what I hear they all have good quality stones, some are in silver, some silver and rhodium plated and some are in fourteen carat gold.

    It's possible it might be true about the Moissanite but if I were you and buy them online I would make sure they have a good return policy just in case you don't like them. This is Just my opinion on them, maybe others here have more info. I don't know how much you want to spend either but the Moissanite as you probably know is still pricey.
  5. In the Forever Brilliant, a 4 prong martini in 14k with a "1 ct tw" is $339.
    In Classic Moissainite, a 4 prong martinis with 1cttw is $255
    At Wink's ( it's $195 for the 14k settings and $30 for 5mm CZs. total $225.

    ETA: Wink's has some very pretty fancy cut CZs, but I'm thinking just basic rounds are fine.

    At Target they're $30. LOL! I don't know what to do.

  6. In my experience with Moissanite, the classic moissanite may be more yellow - the forever brilliant is pretty white, and there's a new one "forever one" that is supposed to be colorless ... so if you want a diamond look, I would recommend at least the forever brilliant.
  7. Don't get the one with the yellow/green tinge because it does not look like a diamond at all. I have that kind and I can tell right away that it's not a diamond.
  8. Not everyone gets a moissy in order to make people belive it's a real diamond. Most trained eyes would be able to tell apart the whitest of the white moissy from a diamond... because they sparkle a lot more and have the double refraction.

    I want a moissy not because I don't want to get a real diamond but because I want a moissy gemstone because it is a gemstone in its own right.
  9. I think the OP does want something that looks as close to a diamond as she can get.
  10. Im sure there are diamonds in your price range..look at etsy...there are diamonds there thats just a fraction of the price in chain malls..
  11. So this weekend, I obsessed for a while, then I went to Target and found a pair of round CZ earrings in a nice size for $20. I think this will satisfy my want for sparkle for a little while, and if/when they get worn down I'll either replace with more CZ or re-visit moissanite.

    My goal is to have a nice pair of sparkly studs to put into rotation. The earrings I wear most are sterling ball studs and a pair of pearl studs, and I'd like to add in a pair of turquoise earrings and maybe some dangly sterling earrings. Just a small bunch.

    It's not important to me to have a diamond, and I'd like a look that's classic but I don't want to get hung up on what other people think the earrings are made of as long as I like the look. My big fear with moissanite is that I'll pay $500 for earrings and say -- these look just like the $20 Target ones! LOL>
  12. Very smart! It sounds like you found a perfect solution. I have a variety of CZ earrings, from very nice 14K studs to $5 Kohl's ones to teensy sterling ones from Macy's. I just like a little sparkle in my ear and don't care if anyone secretly sneers that they're not diamonds. I do like diamonds, I think they're very pretty, but I don't have the lifestyle for them. Plus I'm always losing earrings. I like earrings I can put in my ear, forget about, and don't go to pieces if I lose one. Like you I've considered moissanite but in the end figured I'd end up spending hundreds of dollars and for that...well I do have some nice CZ ones that were a bunch cheaper. Anyhow...enjoy your new earrings! It sounds like you made a very sensible choice.
  13. I migth be late for the thread, but I have bougth myself a pair of moissy studs in supposed F color ( actually thay are more like an H diamond color). I am just in love with them! I cannot recommend them enough for everyday use ( I spent a little fortune on my diamond studs and I am afraid of loosing them to use them) . CZ looks beautiful for a couple of seconds for me, until they get dirt, but with moissy you clean them up and you have the same sparkle again. They sparkle different than diamonds ( double refraction), but they are gorgeous.
  14. I completely agree. My engagement ring is moissanite and I've been wearing it every day for 6 years. It's still just as beautiful as the day I got it. I recently bought myself a pair of little moissy stud earrings from and have worn them everyday for a year. They are amazing quality. I debated between friction and screw back and chose screw back...they are incredibly secure - I sleep in them, shower in them, etc. and they've never fallen out. If you're looking to buy something that will be a classic, everyday piece that you'll keep forever, moissanite is a great choice :smile:
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  15. My DH doesn't 'believe' in upgrading diamonds, so I bought myself a gorgeous 3 ct equivalent round brilliant Mojssanite and I love it. It stays so sparkly even with a little probably dirt on it from just wearing it. I still wear my real diamond (1.28 ct) sometimes but it is fun to have bling sometimes.

    I say go for the earrings, I think they will be more 'showy' in your ears than even diamond studs. They will show up more I think that is good.

    GL with your decision (unless you have made it and I missed it LOL)