help me make sense

  1. so i love love purses. ive noticed i buy at least 2 a week, they were on sale! and i only end up carrying them for about a week or two. i bought a $300 coach bag, and it set in the bag for 3 days, i felt too guilty to carry it, i didnt want anything to happen to it! so i returned it. i love love chanel, gucci, & louis vuitton, but my family thinks its ridiculous to spend that much $$$ on a purse they know theyll only see me carry for about a week or so. they dont understand purses like we do. help me feel ok about saving all my $$ to buy one of these bags. is this normal for you? how long do you carry a purse you spent boo-coo bucks on until you buy another one???

    im almost for sure going to get a designer wallet, i carry those things forever, any suggestions???

    one designed doesnt stick out more than the other, and i cant buy one of each when i please.....:shrugs:
  2. Honestly, I'm not like that.
    If I spend beau coups on a bag I don't just carry it for a week, I also don't buy 2 a week, it's more like 2 a year for me.
    I only buy bags that I KNOW I'll carry pretty regularly.

    I do agree, if the bags is sitting in the plastic bag you brought it home in for a while, it should go back.
  3. I definitely carry my bags for more than a week. Even the ones that I don't spend lots of money on.
  4. I love bags too, wifeyB. I don't buy as often as you, but I would love to.
    I think the secret is to only buy what you truley love. That way you won't want them to sit around empty all the time. I usually rotate bags & I keep all of the little things that roam around the bottom of your purse into little bags. That way it's easy to switch often.
  5. I DO buy bags often but I change bags almost daily so it's not a big deal for me. All my bags do get used eventually, a couple maybe more so than others, but I do use them all.
  6. I usually wear a chanel purse for about a month until I buy a new chanel or LV or fendi or MJ.... soooo about a month or so
  7. I average changing my bags about once a week. I have a big collection right now and I'm thinking of getting rid of some of the dead weight. I have quite of few of those right now.
  8. I used to be like that...but that was back when I was only spending about $20 on each bag. As soon as I got into the higher priced bags it stopped being so often. When I first got into Coach bags I was buying 1 every six months or so. I keep them all and just rotate them into use.
  9. and I am wondering if I was strange. I just brought my Fendi Spy home last week and she was sitting in the car boot (!) as I didnt want my husband to know... and then within a few days, I chanced in a LV boutique and now am lusting after the LV Perf Mussette. wondering if it is an addiction getting out of control
  10. This is all very interesting. I lately have found myself purchasing at least two handbags a month, mostly Cole Haan, Francesco Biasia and Michael by Michael Kors. We have great outlets here in Southwest Florida.....Off Saks, etc., as well as the designer boutiques. I have found myself just giving my older bags to co-workers and friends who have admired my handbags from time to time, and then purchasing other bags to "replenish". I don't know why I have been doing this lately, because I usually love one bag to death before I purchase one to replace it. It's like a phase I have been going through. Actually, I love every single bag I use, and I usually change bags every day now because it's fun.
  11. there's one or two times i felt gulty of my bag's purchase, but i never return the bag :P i'll sell one of my bag that i don't often use to compensate the money i bought for the new one.
    i love my bags & i buy them with lot of thinking, i won't regret every single bag i purchased :smile:
  12. I don't carry most of my bags for several days in a row. I like to mix it up and match the bag with my outfit, so I rotate my bags pretty much on a daily basis. Each bag does get used fairly often though.

    I buy bags regularly too.. one or two a month, sometimes more. I love all the bags I buy and I make sure that I use them. If I don't, I'll take them back, but I haven't done that yet.