HELP me make my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag choice


Mitzi ♥ Indigo
Feb 18, 2006
I decided to buy myself a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for college and casual summer days. I've narrowed the choices down to these three and all seem to have their positive points.

So please help me make my choice.

Choice One


cheaper than the rest, would wear with lots of denim. Cute and DH likes. Ladies who have it, does it fit under your shoulder?

Choice Two


Khaki would go with most everything, seems so look cute and fit great under the shoulder. DH calls this one practical.... which makes me think I'm making a bad choice :lol:

Choice Three


358.00 in DARK BROWN or TEAL?
Leather and only 30.00, more? DH not a fan, which means I might have to hear it from him :sad:

Thank you guys for your imput. I always appreciate it!
i likes CHOICE #1 for various of reasons. I dont really have a 'causal bag' that I can just forget and throw about, and its a nice size bag for college. not too dressy and not toooooo casual... just perfect.
I love the style of #1. Can't decided if I like the letter thing going on.

#2 I like but...the strap looks just like the strap on a BR bag I recently bought at the outlet. And I am returning it because the strap just doesn't work on my shoulder. Too rigid. Too narrow, maybe. I told myself it would probably get better in time but I've decided to return it. Just my two cents, on that one I would check out the strap IRL before I bought. Other than's cute.

#3 I would buy that myself! :biggrin: