Help me make my first B purchase!

  1. Am a long-time B admirer (and forum lurker) and am finally ready to take the plunge into ownership! :tup:

    After much debate, I've decided on the City (to start!) and am now trying to pick a color. Am in NYC and have a Barneys GC, so I'm thinking that I should shop there (unless there's a reason not to!). Was in the store over the weekend and really liked the white (don't know the official "name"). Am I crazy to want that? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi Mrs B! I :heart: Barney's. Though I didn't buy any B-bags from them, a gift card is a great reason to:smile:

    White is the color I chose for my first B-bag (I bought a First). It's very pretty. But I have to warn you that the color really does tend to get dirty (thus mine is more often than not in it's dustbag - and even then, the body of the bag is already a bit darker than the color of the replacement tassels). If white is what you really want, I say go for it, but the darker colors will probably be easier to carry and take care of (and there are some really lovely colors this season). There are a lot of pictures in the reference section of the Bal Forum that you can browse through.

    Good luck with your first B-bag purchase! Please post pictures!!!
  3. I think the City is a GREAT choice! It's my very favorite style bbag :jammin:

    As much as I love white bbags I'm weary of them b/c they will get dirty quickier and easier than other bbags. I have a Vert D'eau bbag, which is a minty green color & I have to be careful with that one - so white would be very difficult to keep clean! However, if you love/want white then definitely go for it! I would just rec' protecting it with Applegard :yes: Definitely check out Barney's and feel all the leathers b/c they vary ALOT! Let us know what you decide :jammin:
  4. if the white speaks to you you should get it. :smile: powerpuff has great tips for keeping her white clean, if you do a forum search you should be able to find it. :smile: a white city would be beautiful! in regular hardware or with the giant hardware?
  5. I agree, a City is definitely a great first bbag - not too big, not too small, just right. White, though beautiful, is hard to keep clean but there are things you can do as some have stated, just look in the care and maintenance section. You must show us what you end up getting at Barneys!
  6. Get a Violet...Anything. It's such a gorgeous color and it goes with soooooo much. You can get a white anytime,but Violet will be gone soon!
    Better yet, try a few colors and sizes on. If you get one and don't like it maybe they'll exchange it!
    Good Luck and let us know, this is sooooo exciting :yahoo:
  7. I love white, but was told by my SA that it'll get color transfer from my jeans.
    Maybe a neutral color like Mastic will be a good alternative too.
    Remember to post pics when you get her! :smile:
  8. Thank you for you suggestions and comments (and keep them coming - I love hearing from all of you!). :smile:

    I like the white very much, but I do have some concerns, so we'll see. And, yes, I agree, the violet is gorgeous! I promise to post photos once I "take the plunge" - in the meantime, please continue sharing your thoughts and advice!
  9. I do have white but as shopboy mentioned I ended up with color transfer from dark jeans.
    So even if I personally adore the ivory SGH combo I decided to pass this one.
    Sandstone is a pretty alternative but the 07 violet is just a very stunning color I also like the vert foncé and plomb with SGH very much.