Help Me Make My Decision......

  1. Hey!

    I'm going shopping in 2 hours time, please can you girls help me decide:

    I want to buy either the Miu Miu coffer or a Fendi Spy.

    I love both but can only get one. I planned on getting the coffer, but turns out I can afford the fendi spy and since they seem to go up in price often I'm wondering if I should get it now.

    So, help me


    Thanks ! :heart:
  2. PLEASE!! :love:
  3. well..what kind of spy are you thinking about? Is this an everyday bag or just an addition to your collection? There are some good sales going on right now for some spys so maybe you can even get the miu miu and spy!
  4. i say spy
  5. spy :smile:
  6. spyyyyyyyyyy
  7. Spy!:tup:
  8. Have you decided?
  9. lol I always get curious when people make a thread asking if they should get something or not and then disappear, where is that other guy too?:p
  10. have you decided? i say spy...
  11. Spy - it is more of a classic IMHO:yes:
  12. Spy in satin *hehe* Bcoz I have one in black satin :tup:
  13. Hello guys!

    Some of your comments made me laugh!

    I went to Birmingham and went into Harvey Nicholls where they had two spy's both half price. One was black (ive got three black bags already) so i didn't even consider that one and the other was a gorgeous navy blue, similar to one I saw Nicky Hilton with.

    I decided to go to Selfridges & Co first to see if there was anything nicer. There were none left in the sale, but a brown one the same as the one Keira Knightley has was there. After ooommiing and ahhhhhing, I decided to go with the brown at £1,1000! But when I was paying for it the little Fendi tag at the bottom of the 'coin'barrel fell off. The SA went to find another and they'd got no more bags left, so she told me she'd knock £200 off the price for me.

    So I took it - and all it needed was a touch of Bostick UHU and you can't tell a thing.

    Perfect. I love it.

    Really wanted the Miu Miu coffer, which if I'd bought the spy that was on sale for £600 I could have done, but I decided to go with a bag that I know would mostly go with anything!

    And you're right guys.....I love it!

    Thanks for all your help - even though I didn't get it in time, it's nice to know people are out there who will help!!

  14. This is not my bag - but to give you an idea, this is the same design and colour that I bought!!!

    Thanks again!!! :nuts:
    01.jpg is_10912433.jpg Keira Knightley @ Heathrow 1.jpg Keira Knightley @ Heathrow 1 (2).jpg Keira Knightley @ Heathrow 1 (3).jpg
  15. Well done! Can't wait to see pics!