help me make my big purchase! inlcudes pictures!

  1. Hey everyone! I just started posting here fairly recently (long time lurker) and I am getting ready to invest in my first "serious" bag. I really want to treat myself to something nice, however, I am on a limited budget so I am looking for just one bag. I want this bag to be high quality and somewhat classic so I don't get sick of it easily - something I can carry for years.

    With these desires in mind, any suggestions based on my top 9 favorites as of now?
    Top row, left to right: Gryson Olivia, RM Matinee, Gryson Alexa
    Middle row: Gustto Large Setela, AC City Tote, Botkier Frankie Hobo
    Bottom row: RM Elisha, Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q, Gustto Biagio

    Or if you don't think any of these will suit my needs, any other recommendations? The most important thing to me is longevity. I would like to spend less than $600 (I know some of the bags above are more than that, I would have to find them on sale of course!)

    Thanks so much for any help or advice. I've learned so much from this forum already!:woohoo:
  2. Can you describe your style (e.g. uber casual or do you like to dress up)? Do you prefer a certain style of handbag (e.g. hobo vs tote)? Is this new bag supposed to be everyday work tote or only a handbag?
  3. I like the Gryson Alexa and the RM Elisha- they have a shoulder strap and can be carried by hand or shoulder. I like the shape, they are very similar
  4. I love the Red Botkier Frankie Hobo. It's hot!
    Of course, I also love the more subdued RM's.
    Let us know which you choose!
  5. 1. Gryson Alexa:heart:
    2. RM Elisha
    3. MbMJ Dr. Q

    I don't know about the AC tote, aren't there a lot of quality control issues?
  6. I am pretty casual, and it will be my everyday bag (casual work enviroment and casual life - I very rarely get dressed up but I like looking casual and cute).

    My only preference is that it has at least one strap long enough to wear on the shoulder - i don't like carrying bags in my hand for long periods of time.
  7. Very nice looking bags! I especially love the RM Matinee, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q, and the Gustto Biagio :smile: Hope you find your dream bag!
  8. I'm partial to the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. Is that a longer strap for the bag?

    My second choice would be the Botkier bag. I love red bags, and am in the hunt for the perfect red bag right now.
  9. i like the ac city tote
  10. Gustto or Botkier.
  11. Botkier Frankie Hobo... I love bags with shoulder straps!
  12. i'll say the marc jacobs dr groovee,not only that because of all the bags shown it is the cheapest(around 500.00 or so)
  13. In that case, I vote for either Gryson or the AC city tote. However, IME, Gryson bags tend to be on the heavy side due to the substantial leather and suede lining. YMMV.
  14. i wouldn't go for anything AC....the quality is not so hot
  15. Personally, the Rebecca Minkoff matinee =) Its abosolutely amazing!