Help me make choice

  1. I have a engagment ring that has a yellow center stone
    and white diamonds side stones. My husband is about to
    purchase a new watch for me, but I do not know if i need a white or yellow metal??

    Below is a photo of the watch.
    Yellow or White metal?
    I wear mostly white metals now but wonder
    if I need a yellow gold watch with this ring?
  2. I wear silver, yellow gold, platinum, white gold.. all together or separate... makes no never mind to me! I think in this day and age... there are no rules for jewelry.. whatever you like goes! I would get the watch you like rather than worrying about getting it to match your ring. That's just my little opinion of course! ;)
  3. I have been able to find photos of the ring
    To give you some ideas
  4. i like the white. :tup:
  5. I would say white - or why not get a Two-tone which has both in (like the Rolex!).

    I have a similar problem in that my engagement ring and wedding band are 18ct Yellow Gold but now I really only wear Silver jewellery and watches.

    If I had got engaged or married now I would have had platinum or White gold but because we got engaged 12 years ago and married 10 - it was not fashionable to have anything other than yellow gold.

    I have always worn a Stainless Steel strap watch but now that finances are better I am going to get a Two-tone Rolex so that it matches my rings AND my other jewellery.
  6. White!
  7. Thanks all, I was leaning toward the white, thought I should get some
    opinions about the color. I will also be ordering a Chanel Flap bag with silver chain.
  8. id go white metal, no doubt. It not only goes with more of your jewelry, I feel it's more classic. You can wear it with anything.
  9. Yeah I would go with white. Yellow gold watches feel very old man to me.
  10. I personally love white gold watch. But you could always go with two tone watch that way you can wear all your jewerly together. By the way lovely ring.
  11. I prefer white gold.
  12. I agree, I'm a big fan of white. For some reason, it seems more timeless to me.
  13. For everyday I prefer white. I think white is very easy on the eye and easy to live with. I personally wouldnt even go two tone as I like the simplicity of one color on a watch. Thats not to say that some gold watches dont cause my heart to miss a beat!!! Beautiful jewellery is beautiful no matter what!!!
  14. either just white or light 2-tone likes rolex ones.
  15. Thanks to all !

    White it is!