Help me make a WATCH decision!


Which watch?

  1. Coach Classic Signature Large Bracelet

  2. Burberry Check Bracelet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ladies, I need help picking between the Coach Classic Signature Large Bracelet Watch and the Burberry Check Bracelet Watch. They're both the same price, so that isn't an issue. Someone has already purchased the Coach watch for me, and she swears the Signature C's are very indiscreet, but that's really the only thing that bothers be about the watch. I get to see the Coach IRL on Thursday and I guess I'll decide for sure then, but which do you think you prefer?

    Appreciate the input! :heart:
  2. The Burberry watch is HOT!
  3. I really like the Coach!
  4. I like them both, but I like the Burberry one better!
  5. prefer the burberry, but both are great!
  6. Like them both, but like the Burberry one a little bit more.
  7. The burberry one is fab!x
  8. The Coach is lovely but I think the Burberry is a little more classic and so has more longevity. Gorgeous choice either way!
  9. Coach
  10. I prefer the coach one hands down!
  11. burberry
  12. I like the Burberry one better :smile:
  13. Thanks for the input ladies!
  14. I like the burberry a little better.